How does the broken house scoring system work after all these updates?

a couple of months ago I knew exactly what to do to get top1
but at some point the system began to count points every “hour” and not as before, once every 48 hours

first screen
right after I put the furniture

second the next morning

last after summing up

in order to get into the top1 you need to arrange the furniture 50 minutes before the count?

fix game

I’m glad you posted this as it saves me the time! I’ve never understood how the points system works for housing as it always seems to be different as you show above and the “Decoration Score” doesn’t match either. As long as I can remember these values have been all over the place.

I rarely move items in my house but the score changes, why is this?

@Luxendra it would be amazing if you could check on this or provide a breakdown of how the points system works please?

I think the housing timer, and the territory standing are out of sync, so between those first 2 pictures I imagine territory points reset so now you are seeing what is only your decoration score.

but it’s not in the bug report) so the developers won’t see it

I wanted to make a continuation of this story, but the bugs decided otherwise

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didn’t rearrange anything since the last time when instead of 1,000,000+ it showed 2k, the points themselves gradually grew, last night it was 1,600,000+ and this morning again 2k and I didn’t take 1st place D : (c.)google translate

Pretty much take first long as I move nothing in my house. The instant I decorate, I am not first for the next revolution even though point wise I would have been. It’s like it just decides to not count any zone rep if you change any furniture. Maybe it’s to give others a chance to be seen, cause otherwise it would always show my house.

Peacock scoring and housing is completely broken so don’t worry about score. As i’ve said before it discourages creativity by removing points for items placed with a yellow border and there’s some voodoo mechanics involved such as how new the house is and when the last time you raised your territory standing (from what i’ve heard.)

It must have been developed by a retired Drill Sergeant with manic OCD.

this is understandable, I rearrange all things every 2 days
but it was like that before, but now it’s s not clear what

I’ve never understood it either. In particular I don’t see why my immaculately decorated house is constantly out scored by nearly empty houses owned by PVPers. It’s fine for PVP to count for something, but when a PVPer with 20 items in his tier 4 house is scoring way, way higher than me, PVP is giving too much weight.

They have more standing, the system will start working normally when everyone has 300

1600 point + 210 standing = 1 500 000+

well, as I thought, in order to get top1, you need to rearrange the furniture an hour before the count

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