How gear and weapons crafting is choking New World

Hello everyone,
I like new world, but I won’t lie in saying that I am not seriously considering going back to WoW. Why? because PVP content is just to much to get into. Why? Crafting. Without a separation of PVE and PVP related gear there is to much variation and time wasted. Gold farmers are making a killing overseas off of selling millions of gold (thousands of dollars) to people who are paying millions of gold (500 gold the rest in asmodeum) for one single piece of BIS gear. Until AG allow crafting to craft 3 perk perfect gear it will continue to be this way. If you were allowed to use mats to craft full BIS gear, there wouldn’t be people paying millions for one item. PVP would be more fair because it would be easy to get BIS pieces. PVE would increase because you would have to farm for mats to get reagents for BIS pieces. Until this happens or PVP starts using equal PVP gear and doesn’t allow PVE gear in wars, opr, and arenas I don’t see New World PVP lasting.

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