How hard is it to ban bots?

It’s honestly pretty disgusting how many lvl 50+ bots are running around. How hard is it to have a gm log on a server once a day and clear out all the bot hot spots? The fact that AGS can’t even stop bots from getting to lvl 60 in a mining/gathering hotspot really shows incompetence


i hit the point where i felt disgusted by thier ignorance n incompetence against bots…
really make me sick to the stomach…utter garbage

BUT this topic will get ignored by most of member in this forum , i assume most of em are pvper. bcoz those fooking elite/regular pvp players already felt COMFORTABLE with bots arround them so they dont have to worry about PVE things.


new in town here…what’s the point of bots in this game? are they used to farm/sell gold or to level up characters?

Either to farm materials to use or sell. The fact that they’re 50+ just from mining and gathering tells you that they’ve been there for weeks

The fact that 90% of them are named jiawjhgajhgjhg is insulting too.

just put mobs around each nodes…

that’s a half assed measure though, and decent bots can kill mobs

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