How i believe storage transfers could be changed

i’ll start saying it’s just my opinion on how i believe the storage transfers from town to town should work
as we know, you can only transfer items from one storage to another only if your faction controls the city.
IMO, it ruins the game for many people, in special, people from “weaker” factions.
i believe they should change how transfers work, i think they should work like this:

you can transfer from ANY bank, from ANY city, but you pay the gold as normal if you are from a different faction and if you are in a city controlled by your faction, you can get like the same discount you get from azoth, like 40% if on same faction or 70% if on rulling company on said town.
and the gold used for transfers would be used as tax to help the company in the town, because as we know, many cities are empty, because the trade hub is everfall or windwatch (idk the english name, i play on another language), and most cities have a hard time to make gold for upgrades
i believe just changing how transfers work would help everybody


Suggested the same in a different thread

wait, there is a storage transfer?! I dont need always 3km from town to town and grab my stuff?! O_o

but you can only take items from other banks, not deposits
and you can only take items on cities owned by your faction
depending the item, the cost increase a lot.

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