How i made about 100 000 coins in this game

Leveling engineering from 100 - 200 i crafted only rare starmetal and orichalcum tools, and i listed them all for 400 - 2500 coins (depending on how good the perks were) and now when i have lvl 200 engineering, i keep 100 listings running at all times selling my tools and every day i log in with extra 5000 coins from sold tools. Making money in this game is very simple if you take crafting seriously. 50 azoth cost like 40 - 50 gold, so you can make all tools rare.


Logging in to the game is a better way to make coins, average to 300k each time


Till there are still new players to buy your tools…


There will be many new players for the next 6 months at least. By that time i will have all crafting skills lvl 200 and i will make much more coins.

It took hundreds of hours for you to make 100k, i just logged on and made over 300k lmao


I bought all materials for those tools in the marketplace because i had money all the time when i was listing my tools for sale.

nice, then you can buy bigger house and put 2 dogs in the entrance


Good for you, good perks sell for 500 gold on my server (580+ tools are exception), bad perks sell for less than 100, if they sell.
Anyway, I made some money from TP as well, but I have spent them all back, either for missing mats to level faster or for recipes, gear, ingredients… if I stop buying stuff, I might get more coins on me:) It is hard to resist.

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I am seeing many people complain about lack of ways to earn coins, so that is why i posted this to show that its BS that it is hard to make coins in this game. I leveled my engineering 100 - 200 without leaving the town and made huge money while doing it and i still have like 200 unsold tools and additional 100 listed tools worth 100k+ coins when i sell them all


Wrong. My sever have bad perks listed at $100 but i list bad perks for $400 minimum and people still buy them like crazy. Every day i sell like 5-10 tools with bad perks for $400 minimum.

Good perks are sold very fast so it is good to list them for 2k coins because the cheap ones are sold fast and then people still buy the expensive ones during the night.

Depends on the server.
I bought all my Orichalcum Tools for a total of < 150g with good perks. Materials and/or leveling Engineering would’ve been much more…

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Exactly, you can buy set of tools cheap in my server too, but people still buy my overpriced tools for some reason, and i think it happens in all servers.

This was only possible at the start of the game, because the market got saturated.
So yea


Just stopped in to say

Congratulations :partying_face:


I’m wondering how you can sell goods for such an amount if there are only 2000 players on the server - who buys it? If this is true, then a couple of competitors will make the manufacture of such goods unprofitable.


2000 players online, not a total of 2000 players registered in server. Big difference. There could be like 20 000 players on the server playing at different times.

Yeah, but everyone can’t do the same thing you are doing or you will flood the market. You even mention that you are sitting on a cache of gear you can’t get rid of quickly. With the servers losing people by the minute it seems, you start losing people to sell things to. Also, where are these people getting their money to buy your expensive stuff? Eventually that will run out, and coupling it with high taxes and high crafting costs. It’s just not sustainable for the majority who aren’t making enough money.

I made about 15K selling stuff on the TP when things were going well. Now I can barely sell anything.


The more listings you make, the more people will see them and chances to sell them gets higher. I play in abaton server, one of the top EU CENTRAL servers.

On my server:

Orichalcum tools: 200 coins each
Orichalcum tools at high GS with perfect stats: 4000 coins (around the cost to make them)

This ship has long sailed.

But earlier in the game, indeed, I was selling Starmetal tools with good perks for 1k+ each.

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