How I see PVP right now

Remember these are my opinions. I do not have anything against how any wants to play pvp.

With these fighting mechanics I really wish this game was full loot/cut-throat. I know most don’t even want to hear that because who thinks it is fun to lose all their stuff right? Well yes that could happen but you become hardened over time and get a lot smarter about what you carry and keeping an eye on your surroundings, just like you would if you are flagged. Now what I always say to counter this is you feel it’s okay to come across someone say mining or chopping a tree etc and you gank them so now they have to take all that time to get back to what they are doing and what is to stop you from repeating said act and that is fine in the sense of hey you got what you wanted and had no risk in losing anything correct? Well now as I am seeing more and more just by watching the feed is everyone is wondering…where is all the PVP at? Why is no one flagged? Well because what is the point unless you are actually setting out to do so? If you really want to have more PVP all the time there has to be some risk involved. Yes I know the population on those games may be lower than other mmos but I can say one thing is for sure, it was non-stop PVP at all times and the adrenaline rush was insane knowing if you lost all your stuff was gone but if you win you walk away with that shiny armor they were wearing :wink: So maybe the mindset needs to change a little and so what if you lose some stuff that is part of the fun!! GO MAKE MORE !!! That is my 2 pennies on the subject. Now talk amongst yourselves :smile:


LOL mention full loot and watch the cobwebs grow HAHAHAH

You are talking about a fundamentally different game then what we are playing and you expect hype around this subject?

the game did have full loot in alpha from what i recall and forced flagging. due to feedback it got cut. (i think, its been awhile)

We just need a separate PvP server and all the people can stop hand-wringing about things affecting them.

Myself and both of my friends who play would transfer to the PvP server on day 1

I expect nothing.

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