How is Myrkgard currently?

Hello, I’m currently in a low population server and I don’t see anyone doing Myrkgard right now. I saw a lot of posts dated 20 days ago that say it’s impossible and I’d like to know if they changed anything. I wanted to organize a company run of Myrkgard but I don’t want to announce until I know some opinions of people in more populated servers that run Myrkgard.

High risk low rewards, wait for december patch they said they will nerf it again

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Hard to say but it’ll be super useful next week for expertise if you’re doing kill runs… that is, you’re killing mobs and not just skipping everything to loot only the chests

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It is not impossible by any means. 10 people are enough, you need 2 healers and 1 good tank and the rest should be build with really well geared 590-600GS DPS to make your run quick and efficient. If you take newbies it might take you an additional half an hour or longer to get through.
If you have PvP action there (does not sound like it) - get more people, use tents everywhere, make sure everyone has PvP gear at least in the backpack.

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We wanted to do a proper Myrgard run, killing and getting chests, yes.

PVP is not a problem there, I go there for elite chests alone, I have never encountered anyone there.

10-15 would be the ideal group size since you’ll get credit for more kills which means more expertise… plus if you’re flagged that means more loot which means even MORE expertise

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Then go, flag up, take 9 teammates and just roll through. If you want to make it smooth - make sure everyone has corrupted throphies and coatings, that essentially doubles your damage output on those mobs. Skip portals tho since those lvl65 portals are chonky. You can try, but this might result in wipes and you have to work your way through respawn.

In general Myrkgard is still worth it, the watermark push is nice and if you are high enough, you start getting legendary items.

If you only want throphy upgrades etc. - go for forts with 5man groups, way better chance to get something there. Full luck of course.

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I tend to run Myrkgard solo because my server is very low pop. I can get all of the elite chests, apart from those beneath the corrupted portals, and it only takes ~15 minutes. I’m not sure if that’s something you’d be interesting in trying, presumably you wanted to kill the mobs too.

The last time I did in a group of ~7 last week, it was quite tough, the large corrupted portals were impossible (with waves of adds), and everything dropped crap loot. Why do the sword guys only seem to drop potions?

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Yeah I read the patch notes but missed the part of the “reduced difficulty on Myrk”. I will wait until the December patch cause it’s a mixed group of 60’s players, some are close to 600, others are new 60’s. This is supposed to be like a weekly event for everyone 60 and forts we run every day, sometimes multiple times.

There is nothing difficult about Myrkgard if you are prepared and well equipped.

Our server still rolls over it with a big zerg, but you can do that easily with a 10man group. You just can’t faceroll and troll around like we do with a 60-90man who run that at the same time just because our timing matches with another big company.

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