How is score calculated in opr and war because it is idiotic rn

how is score calculated in opr and war because it is idiotic how much it boosts score for pointless damage that does not even result in an assist or a kill.

Why the devs have not posted how the point system is determined is pretty sketchy. It needs to be reverted to how it was before the stupid damage score buffs.


just do more damage 4head

spam aoe damage skills to clump. gg you’re a pro

Uhuh? You mean like this that was posted by a dev weeks ago? Wars version is probably similar to OPRS.

OPR Scoring


Opr is more important dmg and asist.

trash calculation, they should post what the calculation was BEFORE they buffed pointless damage. It should be nerfed.

It’s not so much nerfing as the scoring requires changes. OPR’s scoring has to reflect the mode being a 20v20 siege & defend team based game mode.

Points should be generated per minute based on forts captured not kills.
Objectives should reflect in the point allocation.
Damage mitigation should generate points

That scoreboard is what this PB is obsessed with but it doesn’t identify skill. It identifies who are the jackasses ignoring the objective.

weird Kills and Assists should not be the same points.

Sounds like angry bottom player. Can you sherlock tell us, how more kills, dmg and assists identify if player did them in or outside of objective please? :laughing:

it was done this way because people were getting sick of kill steals.

its fine.

No such thing as kill steals anymore. If you last hit you more than contributed.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve. The scoreboard is set in a team death match format for a team siege mode. Did you want to discuss that or are you trying to pointlessly provoke?

Do not try to win, simply throw in as much AoE damage as possible.

If you spend the game backcapping enemy bases, you’ll help your team win but you’ll be close to 40th position on the scoreboard.

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As I thought, you just could not answer simple question, as it is nonsense. Thanks

I’m asking you what’s the purpose in trying to provoke me. If this is your answer, I’ll act accordingly.

You seem to want to start conflict pointlessly. You did not lay out any question, you stated a honeycomb trap that would simply be used for you to continue this pointless provocation. So I’ll ask again, do you intend to have discussion, or are you seeking conflict.

it can, but it also can mean the opposite. for instanced, if ur role is single target skitzo, u having high kills low deaths is a key metric on skill besides actual mechanical skill. if ur a healer, for instance a pocket, ur team mates deaths are a decent baseline metric on if ur a good pocket or not. if ur a mage assists are a good metric, bruiser etc. Scoreboard can be used as a metric of skill WITH CONTEXT. A melee isnt going to place higher than a dex or mage in war or even some OPRs for the most part, doesnt make them better than the melee.

I disagree, even if your role is single target, what should have merit & value is your contribution to the teams victory, not your individual padding.

As OPR’s scoreboard stands now; Damage, Kills, and SG are the fast track to being high on the board. Not the objective, not securing baron, not strategy, simply team death match. In which case, there is no reason to have objectives if the mode requires KDA to be the winning factor.

Tanks for instance have no relevance in OPR. Damage mitigation does not exist, capping a point doesn’t yield to that of constantly hitting another body. Even then tanks cannot run more Con than Str or the scoreboard will work against them.

There are more factors that aren’t taken into account either.

Time on Point
Forts Captured
Barons Captured

Even playing bob the builder has a better yield.

Players are obsessed with being top of the scoreboard not winning. That in of itself makes OPR boring. Granted the russian roulette is funny in Solo Q. Simply changing the score per kill to score per min alone begins to pull away from TDM Logic.

Yea, they need to add 1 or both options:

  1. DMG Mitigation on score. To increase the motivation of Medium/Heavy players to play defensive builds. To dont go all on full DMG yolo.
  2. Make a system that gives points when players are fighting inside fort. Would teach players to play objectives and dont be forest warriors.

If any of these 2 changes is not implements we will keep see any ranged meta being used a lot to get the 3.000 points and this is it. Players will rather stay forest hitting each other to get 3.000 points instead to care about game mode objective (taking forts, defending forts, attacking forts).

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The role of a single target skitzo is to kill single targets more specifically high value roles like healers and certain dex. Explain to me how killing plenty of people without dying is “padding” in that role, unless the person is spamming clumps and just clicking skulls its not padding.

I wish they made matches much shorter and losing not nearly as rewarding.

(I really just want more PvP modes, tbh).