How it comes all the banned people (prob innocent) get muted everywhere?

Hello, so a bunch of people got banned for non existent reasons. The support + forum mods said thats a bug, they will fix it. They only changed the message to show that you’re banned instead, and muted their forum accounts.

Will this be common practice? Will people considered cheaters get trolled by the support, while there is actually a huge chance that they are innocent, considering how well the new Anti-AFK works.

We’re in 2021 not in the 20th century where making people who have problems mute.
While i could understand it when you would give them actual reasons for what they got banned for, i absolutely don’t understand why you tell them it’s a bug, but then punsh them with Bans everywhere.

I mean, your great anti cheat even banned people with RGB software from pretty well known periphery manufacturers like corsair. Don’t you guys think you may messed up & there is a big chance this people are actually innocent?

Just think about it, i won’t come back to this chaotic managed game anymore anyway. Just wanted to give others a heads up and let them think about it.

Greetings from Vienna


Didnt you know? Thats common practice by every company out there, they are silencing the unpleasant voices. Blizzard, Zenimax, Amazon, everyone does it. Only the good things can be heard.

Its apparent by now that the devs are very inexperienced or left to fight on their own and have no idea what they are doing.


Yeh it’s so sad, my friends are afraid to go fishing again, as it seems many legit fishers get banned, beside some actual botters

Talking about this topics tho:

I can remember when a different game banned a lot of people wrongly - they had 80k people playing beofre that on day one, now they sit on 1000. It was a game by small indie devs, it’s pretty unfortunate that happened to them. But they fixed it too late. Now New World, from AGS founded by Amazon makes the same mistake, just even harder, by trolling the people asking what they got banned for with “you’re not banned, it’s a bug we’re currently trying to fix”


Yes i ve heard about these issues, i am hanging at the forums, the systems implemented look like they were designed by 15 year old developers.

Plus they removed the gold from fishing chests because bots made money that way, another 15 year old developer solution. Thats like hey doctor my leg hurts and the doctors replies, lets amputate it.


Lazy devs, or just unexperienced ones who get paid way too much. Seems they are wasting their money on coke or something, no idea what they are trying to do. But they cannot handle their own game well, which is very sad.


So, as they say themselves at amazon, they are locking banned threads. Most of those “im banned” threads, are actually people on other accounts posting in forums because their account is banned. As unpopular as it may be of an opinion…the forums are not a place to discuss punishments. As Amazon has no doubt agreed with me. The Login blocked, is not even a ban, in fact, its not even amazons fault. It’s Easy anti cheat, a product belonging to a competitor called Epic Games.

I am all about edgy but your post is a bit much, maybe you want to edit it, it may get you banned.
I think the devs are just not experienced enough for a project that big.

Sure, how else people who made mouth dead should communicate?

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Thats not much for getting trolled by them…

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Wait until their ban is up, or appeal it. Not circumvent the ban by immediately shitposting in forums about how you did nothing wrong. If you say “I got banned for no reason so im on my girlfriends account” they just ban that account too because you’re bypassing a ban using another account.

Amazon has openly admitted the ICUE is a bug and it’s being worked on. Not even 24 hours ago they said it. Amazon has to deal with Epic Games for that, and unfortunately, thats like getting internet from a third party provider. the supplier has to fix it, and they are under no obligation to do it quickly.

They can ban as many accounts as they want, still there remains this one account which got banned for no reason. Also, they just send copy & paste text to ban appeals. Sorry that i (i can only speak for myself) got just booted off a game and get accused cheating while i never did, never ever in my life. And then this “great” game studio comes over and just bans legit players. Sorry that i want to play what i’ve paid for, but i can understand if you do not understand, as you’re not in my situation.

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So people just wasted 40$ and have to wait? That not right my dude, they are doing right that they are shitposting in forums, they need to be vocal about injustice, they paid the money to play not to wait for ban appeals.

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What do they have to do with epic games? :smile: Sorry but i think you’re just a common bullshitter

Do you know who developed and produced EAC? It would SHOCK you to know. its crazy, its insane…ITS EPIC GAMES!

and?`Does not change the fact they do not have to deal with EPIC GAMES, but with the sub managing eac :slight_smile:

it’s a 2 week old game. No MMO in history has had a good first launch. Its a mess. Even more so when Epic needs to fix the EAC code to suit New Worlds coding.

you sound like the wildest fanboy ever, get a gf

Its not a sub company. its owned by epic games, not a subsidiary or affiliate. Owned and produced BY epic games. it’s not like…EA hiring Dice (who they own)