How long can AGS delay responding to us?

I think the numbers are terrible…and I am not earning any money from it. How do you think a successful company like amazon, which is clearly profit driven thinks of those numbers?

Bezos: what are the opening day numbers like?

AGS Head: Looking great, almost reaching 1 million concurrent players.

Bezos: great, keep me updated!

4 weeks later

Bezos: I have not heard from you in a while, how we doing

AGS Head: judge for yourself, we are tracking at 20ish maybe % opening numbers

Bezos: Fan fudging tastic, keep up the great work guys

That is certainly one take and is as reasonable as any other scenario that could be thought up like…

  • Where are we at today with the numbers?

  • 20K concurrent players.

  • Where did we expect to be today?

  • At 5K concurrent players.

That’s just a reasonable a scenario as yours. As people, we see data and jump to a conclusion based on our feelings and emotions and seldom ask if we have all the data.

Hahaha, sorry. I’m not sure Jeff likes pissing money up the wall, that’s not how you build a company like Amazon

I mean, MMO Player drop off is expected. Peak players at launch includes those who want a taste for the game to see if they will like it. 20-30% retention of players, depending on the size of the dev team, is more than enough to keep servers up and developers paid.
I’m not dismissing your position of being left in a dead server. It sucks and I hope that they reach server merges soon, but I don’t think we should worry about having enough players to continue the development of the game. (Yet)

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You forgot: with 10 years of development, AGS couldn’t think their way past the need for more servers and merges, and instead produced a game with 20 year old mechanics.

And you’re blaming the players because, literally, they just wanted to play the game. LOL

i didnt say a single time that the game is dead. People are reading what they want to read, directed mostly at Penfold. The game is NOT dead and will NOT die soon , they have enough players left for a mmo. What im saying is that we are spread out over a million servers that are empty. a handful of servers is populated

Dude with 70people online during peaktime you’re still better than 150~servers worldwide

And yes. I did count :partying_face:

Do they though? A subscription mmo maybe but if you forget about the initial income, this has to be running at a loss day by day, there is only so long that can be allowed to run.

I just think most players are not understanding the role they are playing in causing some of the problems they are complaining about.

If the game is failing (I said if) the first thing any company worth their salt are going to be asking what the players are saying…the players are providing no end of feedback.

If the feedback was not there the game would already be dead. You have to have a vested interest in the game to bother coming here and saying anything…positive or negative. That is the single reason I think this game has a chance.

Question is, are AGS willing to listen before someone on their end pulls the plug. I don’t see a middle ground.

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Dude, stop throwing this on the players.
NOONE expected a shitshow like this
We were promised merges and got tokens in the meantime
You want people to wait 2-4weeks while not being able to play due to login queues? My mate had to wait 12h just to login to use his freaking token.

We all expected merges to happen neithertheless within 2months after release since EVERYBODY knew that system will collapse.
Noone expected it to collapse like it did.
We have something like 400servers with under 300players.
How can you still protect AGS. You’re obviously lucky to not play on a completely dead one. But 50%+ of the playerbase is doing that. It’s not some minority of players being stuck somewhere.

Just merging would likely instantly bring 100-300k players back at least for a little while.
But you’re likely one of those who will buy double the amount of skins to support the small strugglin billion dollar company

You are totally in charge of how you feel about all of this. Not AGS. Its really that simple.


Penfold is clearly a troll, please ignore him. The best way to fight trolls is to just not engage and they will venture back into the cave they crawled out of.

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I think this game is dead and AGS lack off or wrong communication is one of the key factors. I havent played the game for about 2 weeks now cause I’m stuck on a US server where wars are fought at 4 am my time. They started a thread about Gauging Interest for Regional Server Transfer a month ago and collected about 800 replies and havent even said anything. No timeline, nothing.

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You would be correct Dankey, I wasn’t aiming that response at you. It was at Penfold.

What are you even talking about? They respond in forums all the time. They post several blog and update posts all the time. They responded to our 1.2 update requests with a lengthy explanation and promise to make our requested changes. Everything is fine you are complaining about nothing.

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They went almost a month without any kind of update on server merges. Forums were full of posts about them. You are replying to a post that happened before they actually said anything about them after a long time.
They responded now.
most of the things they responded before the last week seemed like a PR copy paste answer that actually gave no info on anything ever… The last few posts and updates were great and i think they are trying to actively do a better job now.

The game has been out 2.5 months. You all expect way too much.

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