How long we have to wait for Auction Hause?

How long we have to wait for Auction Hause??? I havent words what to say about this situation :confused:


There is a word actually - disappointment. I could accept some bugs at the start, but the stuff happening now (maintenance on EU especially) drives me mad.


i rather get a working, unexploitable trade house that have it right now.

if its up to me, discard that module and make a new trade house and take all the time you need to make it unexploitable.

I also would like to have such a thing, but my server is dead due to AH turned off. And i cannot transfer anywhere else as i already did that with same dying server…

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The thing is also, that you still lose a lot of money in repairing stuff for example and no way to make actually good money while the action house is down, my buddy is sitting at around 2k orichalcum ores and a lot of end game recourses without being able to sell. the only option for new recourses is pretty much the ground as the storage is way too little as well. Nice thing is you get a bit more gold from salvaging items now but its still a joke end game gear 3 gold to salvage meanwhile one death for example is around 50-75 gold in repair costs, while the main GOLD INCOME(auction house is down) is kinda dumb

As far as I know they are not trying to fix/improve the trade house atm. They are just trying to roll it back

hello there in eu,
i cant play any longer, because all my storage sheds are full - so i cant collect more stuff - i am absolutely feeling sad :disappointed: please do anything for your clients now
best wishes

Yes I think we all feel the same, its so sad and makes it hard on all the players. Worst is that it’s been 4 days with no UPDATE whatsoever, so we don’t know if it will ever be fixed and what to expect.

Today it felt like everything wrong with the game hit me at once. I’m starting to not enjoy this game. I’m swearing a lot which I hate and I’m getting stressed out. So now the shield stats are useless unless you have a sword equipped and unsheathed!?
Feels like the only changes they make are to go against the player. Less resources, less function, harder enemies to the point of insanity…
Is it just me?

Yeah… sorry for the bad news but AGS doesn’t care. If they did it would already be fixed.

Congratulations :partying_face:

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I know I know… -_-

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bytheway to this topic for me an important question which burns me yet a long time under my fingernails:

WHY is it not possible to take things out or put things in my storage sheds no matter Where in the whole map i am at this moments ???

… and please dont argument now i can do it within the fraction, that doesnt help me, because only one region is now in the morodeures own on my server and i will stay in this fraction!

So please think about the possibilty to put in or out my stuff in every of my storages, in the whole map and i would pay for it a reasonable fee … :relaxed: :sunglasses:


yeah i get that it sux specially for dead servers. (im in one, emathia)
right now the only way to earn some money through trading is to sit in everfall and spam wts. i did sell some stuff but not nearly enough tho.
thanks god they reduced house taxes till next month or so.

outstanding situation lmao… weekdays server down, weekend tp off rofl

so how the f is this game enjoyable for eu players? noway like this

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