How many builds is the split stat change going to affect?

Was giving this some thought, but I wanted to get other opinions on it. Split stats on PTR will give extra 50 points at 625. See this comment:

Was thinking about how this was going to change what is BiS, and realized that maybe it won’t change as much as I thought. Currently split stats on armor are 15/10 and Weapons are 20/10 at 600. So Splits will probably be 20/10 and 25/10 or 20/15. Anything with Con is exempt, however. So, because you need all 10 pieces to have split stats, you couldn’t make a 300 STR/ 50 Dex/ 200 Con Bruiser, because the only items that would apply would be STR/Dex splits, and the minimum amount of Dex you would have in that scenario would be 100.

Same thing with a 300 Int / 50 Foc / 200 Con. Can’t be done with split stats. So it seems like it’s only the squishies that will benefit. 300 Str / 150 Dex (or 200 STR/ 250 Dex) one-shot builds can now have 100 Con. Or the Dex/Int Muskrats can now run 50-100 Con while still having 300/150 or 300/200.

This means there isn’t really going to be any introducing new attributes into builds unless you are going to have 100 points into that stat.

Interested to hear what other types of builds will actually benefit from this.

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sns assasins using dex/str. muskrats and maybe the ls/vg hybrids that run 200 int 150focus

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Glad to see more discussion on this topic. I am hoping to see a drastic meta shift honestly.

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Was thinking Bow/Spear could get a buff running 100 Str/ 300 Dex / 150 Con. But honestly not sure if the STR would be worth not running 200 Con, especially now that 200 con gets you 10% extra elemental armor as well.

Keep in mind they also buffed the 50 attribute thresholds. I can see situations where it could be the go to way to use some split stat gear to get one or two of them.

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True. My point was more that you won’t be able to introduce a new 50 point attribute into an existing 2 perk build. To get the full 550/560 available points, you’ll need to allocate at least 100 to anything that isn’t con. So it makes certain builds stronger, but probably won’t fundamentally change anything to bring something new. At least that I can think of.

It fundamentally advantages split-stat weapons like Hatchet, SNS, Spear, Musket, and VG. Because CON split stats are not being improve, none of the single stat weapons will benefit unless they splash in something like DEX, FOC, or INT.