How many developers are ACTIVELY working on New World?

I just wanted to get the information on how many developers are currently working on the game due to the fact that at the moment there are quite slow steps to new updates.


Knowing IT industry, there might be more “bosses” than people actually fixing the code, then stuff get stuck in a lot of bureaucracy and useless teams calls.


What difference would it make to you how many there are?

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Im a Software Engineer/software architect myself so I know dem problems but still on a product that has contact to customers it is quite important to be transparent and fast for new updates due to the fact that ppl will stop playing the game due to missing fixes and content updates.

It’s definitely an independent game with 1 or 2 developers, from the way it’s all being handled.


Read Mythical Man-Month from Frederick Brooks.

It will teach you that you can’t rush software development by adding more people.


True. I don’t think they are giving updated info to the forum CMs, even support people looks clueless about what’s going on…

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You know Amazon
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It would make a difference on how many bugs / how much content could be produced in a shorter time period. So it is more important info for me to know if we get any “bigger” updates soon or we wait 30 years like waiting for half-life 3

Knowing the number of developers working on a project should give you no real hint to any of that.

You can’t just throw people at things to make it go faster. I thought you were a software engineer?

It is quite a hint if a game this big is actively developed by 3 ppl or 30 it would make a huge difference. No one said it would make it faster at all but if the organization is already bad if only 3 dudes would work on that due to the fact if you look sometimes at the bug reports. If there are only 3 ppl working on it and they can only work on bugs due to the big amount of it we won’t see any new content updates in the next 30 years.

but you can spread out alot of work, offcourse u cant throw em all at the same one, that would just be a painfull shitshow.

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So how many developers were on Half Life 3? Was it only 3? I doubt it.

Personally I think you’re just looking for a reason to moan and that any number of developers given to you in answer would not be enough.

But hey, you enjoy yourself.

You not have to look for reasons to moan because there are enough. He has just a simple question because if there would be a transparent communication and and more patches no one would ask question but the current state isnt like that. The game has a huge pile of major bugs and with the current speed AGS seems not even able to fix the tip of the iceberg of bugs within the next months

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A simple question that would benefit no one. He’s just looking for a reason to moan, much like yourself.


If we just “moan” then you just “white knighting”

Larry, he’s the only one left. Poor Larry.

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That really makes no sense.

so doesn’t most companies i know what you think a tv cost a company 500 bucks to make or a car cost a company 20k?

I would love to know how many devs are working on that. Out of curiosity.
But I would also like to know what processes they adhere to, how they interact between the different topics like coding and infrastructure, devops and so forth.
As I never worked in a game dev company I can’t imagine how it works but I would assume pretty similar to software developing companies.