How many Devs at AGS have chronic depression by now?

Releasing the game not really finished, with disregard to player feedback from many months before.
Not having a plan for what to do in at least next 3-6 months (or at least it seems so).
Having constant server issues, game bug popping up like zits on a teenage face.
Hackers, botters, exploiters, drama boys, whiny bois and investors with laser eyes focused on their every move…

They fight valiantly day after day, night after night. Fixing the issues for days. Fighting Hydras! When one bug is decapitated, 3 more pop up!
Players like angry village mob, with pitchforks and hate threads jump at every opportunity when any bork up happens!

And I’m sitting here, thinking - how many of Devs are already sitting there in their cubicles and cradle themselves while rocking back and forth. Hitting that depression flow, baby!
Because if the players who are still playing have kinda love-hate relationship with it are definitely starting to loose it… then oh boy.
I just hope Amazon pays well and also pays for your Psychiatrists.

Devs are people too - even if they bork things up and fight with windmills - devs are homies too :wink:

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