How many gear slots is fair?

Fair point. So 15 instead of 17 :smiley: That said, if there’s a tradeskill that I think deserves its own set then its music :smiley: Might as well, right? I’ll just settle by waiting for transmog for this, though :slight_smile:

A fair amount of what was said after that one line went on to clarify that scaling in this game is not limited to your arbitrarily selected “one per 10 levels”. We don’t need 2 gear sets at level 20, so we don’t need the same gear set at level 60.

I’d much prefer what you’re suggesting. I just don’t think it’s suitable given how the game is designed. And capping it at 10 just… well… I suppose I’d ignore all tradeskills (i.e. still go through the current pain for them, despite needing most of them every single day… ugh) and just limit its use to mutations (currently 5 different types as of PTR) and PVP/luck. I’d then need to switch out my gear set slots if I decide I want to play a different build (I do, I have two because I can’t play alts on the same server, without some fringe case luck). I’d still say 20 was better. Still not going to be right for everyone but we’re starting to reduce the cases in probability which is, I suppose, all they could do with this feature.

That said, if all we had was this logical cap of 10, arbitrarily deemed by either finger waving or by actual storage/server limitations their end (actually not required because this could be locally stored as these are not actual items, they’re just references to the items; but I digress and this isn’t our problem to solve anyway) then if they gave us proper search tools in storage as mentioned above then I’d probably go for that and just stop bothering trying to get them to make it better.

For me, this is more about being really excited for this feature and just really disappointed by how it started out. It could be so cool if it wasn’t so limited.


Hopefully they will give us more free gear set slots. They should.

Im going to enjoy the free ones that I get and the ones I pay for too!

I respect your decision not to use any free gear set slots and continue to make your in game life harder.


You are complaing about something that will never affect you in the slightest? That you will never use? That you dont plan on using?

In a game that you will never play again? And havent played in a long while?

Why are you complaing about a game you dont play?


When’s the last time you got slotted in a war? Just curious.

Ask G4TV how the whole “If you dont like it, dont watch” strategy played out for them lol :joy::rofl::innocent:

Poor Froskurrin

hey @anonymoose123!

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I guess “never” is your answer

I wonder why I havent seen @anonymoose123 on the forums lately?


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How do you have 6000 hours and still have never been allowed in a war?

I agree with this…

When gearsets were introduced in GW2 in 2019 (7 years after their launch date btw), they gave out 2 free equipment sets, and 3 build sets for talent specs. GW2 sells gear and talent build templates separately. So for us to get 3 free gearsets a year and half into the launch of NW, it’s really not unfair or stingy at all. Some people sound spoiled tbh, do people expect to really not pay anything while playing a MMO? We all know nobody’s buying the ugly shop skins, and they are not selling any convenience items or ingame gold like GW2 is doing. We’ve had it good here, like this is one of the cheapest MMO’s I’ve played in the past 10 years.

The equipment & build templates sold like hotcakes in GW2 btw, so this is for sure going to be a good revenue stream for NW. With that said, we need build templates too in NW so we can swap attributes & weapon specs easily. To be able to swap gear fast but you still have to manually swap attributes & weapon specs makes the feature half-complete.

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Pretty sure guild wars doesn’t have the same amount of gear requirements we do in new world. Swapping gear out coz you want to try a fun new build is one thing. But having to swap constantly just for various parts of the game is pretty different.

As for spoilt, well I dunno. You could argue that, but I guess I would just point you to the fact we still have no idea around cost. Why are they hiding it on ptr? They have already told us battle pass cost.

Players there need to have a sPvP set, a WvW set, and a fractals set at the minimum, since they’re completely separate. Yes we do have more annoyances such as gathering/crafting gear. Hoping in future QoL we wouldn’t have to swap gathering/crafting gear out. The current system is archaic.

And hopefully the additional gearsets won’t cost too much, and that they’ll run sales on them often.

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Bump, still waiting to hear from AGS on this.

Compared to games that people spend thousands of dollars in this doesn’t seem unfair at all. New World has gone above and beyond to give us our money’s worth. I just hope they make enough to let us have the freedom to do whatever activity we feel like in the game instead of modeling it around keeping us playing as long as possible through fomo.

Go look up how much money “Free to play” games like Warframe make per month. New World has been more than fair.