How Many More Skin/Style Threads We Have To Create For You To Take Us Seriously?

  1. Store styles/skins are awful. Always some weird strange looking style instead of nice realistic skins.
  2. There are already many nice skins in the game that we cant use because the items themselves are not good. They are already modeled. Why cant they be put into store? why cant we unlock faction gear skins like we did in the winter event with a skin.
  3. how many threads we need to make for you to work on this? its been 6 months since the release if im correct and not only we dont have a transmute or style library option, we cant even get decent styles on the store…
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I think they had and still have bigger issues but yes a mostly everyone would love a transmog option and I think they are working on it there are some hints on the forum and on some dev videos if I dont mistake

Dude, we all want a transmog system, but we’ve been 6m deep and every month they have added QoL, small content and a brand new dungeon.
You aren’t paying a sub, lets not get spoiled. Its probably in the works, give them time man.

im giving them time but you have to admit that it gets boring to look at the same styles all this time. Also im not getting spoiled, i would happily pay for a sub because i love the game, ive invested a lot of hours into it and i plan to invest even more, thats why ive pointed this out.

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We’de all love a Transmog, it will get here. I’d reckon somewhere between now and 6 months xD
I’d also happily pay for a p2p server with dedicated GM’s and GM events.

Maybe they can add cool skins to the PVP track theyre adding with the addition of arenas. Like fortnite lol

transmog is cool but it would probably kill a lot of profit they make from store skins at the moment, Until they figure out how to realease really nice skins in the game. It would be better to add more customization to store skins, like being able to dye them

i even suggested that they put a skin unlock token to the game which we can use on current skins. basically, instead of bad styles they put into the store, we could just pay for the nice ingame styles. That way, they would earn profit as well.

not only do i want a transmog system, i want a full blown dye system, with dyes listed as either metallic or nonmetallic so i know if i dye something it will look like gold or bronze.

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it would be also great if we could dye store styles as well. I mean many of us buy those to look different but we end up looking like everyone else whenever a style comes up.

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They could just sell on the store a consumable that allows you to apply a skin from a weapon to another one. They’d make a lot of money.

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exactly :slight_smile:

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