How many times do we need to report bots?

There is an active bot that I run into almost daily in Monarch’s Bluff on the Valhalla server. Specifically, it is in Crone’s Rest killing a singular cow. I just want to know how many times bots need to be reported before they actually get removed.

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From my experience It seems to take 4-5 weeks to finally see bots stop showing active in my blocked list. But every bot I have reported, did eventually stop.

For most games, bots would be dealt with in a timely manner. Not for Amateur Game Studios though. As Comfortablynumb mentions, it take 4 to 5 weeks, unfortunately. I dont know why it takes that long. There are fewer servers and players but still ags drags their feet on a problem that affects us all.
I have been reporting a handful of players for 4-5 weeks with NO action from ags, and while they fiddle around breaking more aspects of the game, there are more and more new bots to contend with. Pathetic IMO…

I requested my Amazon data, and I was reported 152 times in 6 days and banned the 7th.

Based on that, I think you’d need to report a bot close to 150 to 200 times for it to get automatically banned. I don’t know if you could do it yourself or if you need multiple people.

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