How much gold u have?

ok i know this is weird question
but i wish to know how much gold u have?
since the cap is 500K and i see a lot of ppl selling/buying with Asmo i wanna know if most of the ppl alrdy at the 500K or not :stuck_out_tongue:

13k at present. Apart from saving for my first house, I’m not sure what to spend it on except repairs. :joy:

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3.1 mil

2k right now had 10k a bit ago

About 250k, plus 700ish in storage mats. Trying not to keep too much gold on hand during events/patches cause inflation :smile:

My fresh 510ish GS 60 on Ygdrasiil who made it to 60 last fall and hasn’t been played in months (lucky me I took a peek at him a month ago so he got to stay in that server :slight_smile: ) has just under 40k. But he leveled when my housing taxes (top-of-the-line Everfall house) were 1.5K + per week and expeditions and portals didn’t shower you with gold bag rewards.

I think it’ll be tough not to have at least 100K at 60 for anyone starting to play now,

u can do some trade with it

3.1m gold or worth of mats?

unlucky but u can get 10k in 1H by farming so its fine

700k worth of mats? this is so good

true gold now is much easier

No, 3.1M in gold; I don’t have any idea what all my mats are worth.

Hmm so you have an alt account that has a solo company as a bank?



I had been buying counterbalances for the last 8 months (along with all the legendary crafting mat things) I sold 600 of them for an average of 1.5k per. My average cost was about 50g per.

Corrupted lodestones as well. I had buyorders (stacks bought at .01g) up for all the tuning orb mats that converted into splinters. Im sitting on like 900 corrupted lodestones and thats after I sold 500 at these nice prices.

There are people with alts and multiple company banks maxxed out.

There are also clans who held onto popular cities who were getting 3-4m a week in taxes. 15m+ a month for 8 months.

The big gold now that taxes are fixed is really only to be made in the market.

Think about current items that seem way too cheap. Things that could get a 2nd life from AGS. I am always the top buy order on VOID ORE. I mean my god the trophy item from Ori nodes is being sold to me in bulk for like 25g lol!

I can buy some legendary chunk of ice thats’ description is “A crafting material of extraordinary rarity” for just a couple gold? Yes please.

Also I would like to add:

DO NOT CRAFT. It is a blackhole for money. The only way to make money crafting is to have so much money that you can keep crafting and maybe get lucky.

If you are going to craft make sure you check the trading discord and are crafting something that people are going to buy. PvP mods from the track are very good to roll.

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I was almost to 200k, but it began to burn in a hole in my pocket. I had to buy some items so Brimstone would be less painful.

I made most of my money from just selling freshly picked resources from around the game. My crafting levels are affected as a result of having a healthy bank.

No alt account—just a solo company. Sucks because I can’t join an actual company and do fun stuff unless I delete/blow all the gold.

I’ve considered buying a mule account, but I feel like I’d just get autobanned for RMT if I traded millions of gold to another character.

Guess total in trophys, mats, gear… hm around 9mil

Hmm maybe I am fairly certain other people have alt account for just that but not sure if anyone has had issues.