How ping-dependent is New World PvP?

My best gaming buddy and I are big PvP fans, but we live on different continents (NA and EU). We started playing NW a few days ago and tested playing on multiple regions to see where we get the best latency and gameplay experience.

If we want to play together, the best-case scenario is one of us playing on 150ms ping. When I played LoL back in the day, I felt a massive difference if my ping went from 30ms to 80ms, for example. I know that NW is much slower, so I wonder how much of a negative impact 150ms ping will have for high-level PvP.

This is an important decision for us since we’ll be unable to transfer to other fresh start servers if the latency becomes too much of an issue, which will most likely lead to us leaving the game. Alternatively, we’ll play solo in our respective regions while playing other games on the side.

Thanks for your input!

NW in my experience got to be by far the most ping sensitive game I‘ve ever played. It‘s probably not the answer you wanted to get, but it‘s pretty rough to be honest. From the massive delay on basic attacks and abilities to really weird ping-related interactions like your animations slowing down massively (literally slow motion attacking) or frequently teleporting ahead a 100 - 200m through desync.

Everything above 80-100 ping feels pretty terrible and playing PvP like that sounds absolutely nightmar‘ish. People might have different levels of tolerance for this though, so maybe it might not be that bad for you.


I agree with what Bradley said.

Out of most MMORPGS, NW is one of the roughest on high pings (mostly because of the kind of action combat it has, but presumably also because of how things are handled behind the scene). Some weapons are bearable with high pings, some are not.


@BRADLEY @belfastcl Do you guys have any experience with ping-enhancing software like ExitLag/WTFast, and if it can make an impact in New World? Otherwise, we’ll most likely not play in the same region.

Why not just play on the regular servers? That way you can start together, and if ping is too bad, you can always transfer off.

I like playing with the people from Asia on the west coast US server in Pug dungeons mainly because if there is toxicity I can’t understand it. I just say gg at the end. However I don’t like the gameplay experience when there is someone 6000 miles away from me in a group or anywhere near my memory load distance. I will then be attacked by the input latency response time(if ever) monster sometimes hitting a key multiple times wondering if the action is going to happen when things get dynamic.

You can play together though. You will get use to it. It’s the people around you that will suffer. Maybe if you both chose a server equal distance from the two of you.