How popular is New World right now?

Based AGS, about 370.000 players are playing right now and about 580.000 would like to play. Not taking into account that NA West has not even fully joined the party. So nearly 1M players at the same time.
However, the queue numbers should be counted with skepticism.

  • How does that compare to other MMOs?

Here is a rough estimation for ESO:

And here is FFXIV:

So for a launch New World is doing pretty well I would say. Especially, if one takes into account the loyal and large fanbase of these two other MMOs even before launch.

  • Where do these players come from?

Based on Google Trends, the search interest is pretty spread out globally with a concentration in northern Europe. I would also like to point at a high interest from Asia which currently has no dedicated servers.

I hope you enjoyed the read. Have a nice Week!

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