How PTR kills off healers with 4 incoming nerfs

With the current PTR coming out here is 4 ways how healers are heavily nerfed all with one single patch at once.

  1. STEALTH nerfed dodge roll distance drastically in the PTR, didn’t mention this in patch notes. This will make it even easier for all melee to stick to healers. PTR Dodge distance changes - YouTube
  2. Nerfed stamina regen so its even harder to dodge left click attacks from melee, add in the above point with dodge roll distance reduced by near half and you barely dodge far enough away to get out of range of any melee attacks.
  3. add a cast time to Lights Embrace, mind you any decent DPS can hit you twice for 3-7k+ hits before you can even proc your ability to heal yourself or someone else.
  4. " Melee Attack Homing
  • Update to homing on primary attacks for melee weapons, they should now be able to hit moving targets more consistently."

So to add to all these changes. The devs made it so you can barely dodge with stamina regen slowed down, they also made the dodge rolls half the distance so you can’t escape melee with new honing, also made it so its basically lock-on for all melee so its stupidly easy to hit a target, and you have a 1 second cast time on 2 Healing abilities so you can get hit twice by the time the cast even goes off.

Hello? devs? You nerfed healer like 4 times in one patch. While buffing Melee yet again. Keep it up might be lucky to have 1 server left on NA East with a few hundred players within 6 months. This update legit kills off healers.


tbh the only thing that bothers me is the 1s cast time on LE. the heavy heal nerf was a bit heavy handed but something had to be done honestly.

were some buffs in there aswell don’t just post the negatives mate. us healers aren’t going to be completely screwed like people think. also they lowered the stam regen nerf with todays patch. now it is only .5s longer than live which isn’t the end of the world.

  1. Really hope this is true. Dodge roll is a bit OP. (I’m an unbiased light dex user that has been playing light melee here lately to mix it up)

  2. They cut back on the regen nerf. Just added an extra .5 seconds onto it…no where near as bad. More manageable now, and not as OP as before.

  3. Honestly, no comment. I know nothing of this ability. I do agree with any healing ability nerfs though. If this is the ability that lets you go from 100 hp to full, then I’m all for it. Means a well timed stun can kill a healer easier.

  4. This BADLY needed done. Melee is in such a bad spot. You struggle as a medium melee HEAVILY. I’ve tried medium melee…and I’ve fought them. They’re the easiest to kite. Happy it’s being changed to where medium melee may do better.

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And thats good heal is still very strong in this game too strong. Paladins builds will still have their value, but wont be unkillable in 1v1. Also imo we need more dmg mitigation in pvp cuz we are dying too fast not big change but more.

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What App is this, I want it?

here you go mate.

This is one of the biggest issues I have with them. Nerfs are not consistent across the board.

The other issue is these people have no clue on how to make incremental changes. It’s easier to turn a large boat around when you aren’t going full speed.

Should these changes prove to be too much they won’t be able to turn that boat around. At least not in time to save it.

Didn’t think this would happen, but I’ve already found myself not logging in even to do dailies. There’s a couple of older more stable games that I’ve been playing lately. Truly hope this can somehow get turned around. These kinds of decisions amongst other issues just makes the game completely unattractive at the moment.


You heard it here first: Single target will be dead in big scale PvP after patch!
I dont see how you are supposed to get off a spell thats animation is literally 1 year long. 1 Path of Destiny, a pen shot, this retarded BB skill (forget the name) will just interrupt it easily. Ppl will use Splash of Light or full AOE - or change build away from healer. :slight_smile:

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Dodge changes haven’t done much and light roll still goes much farther then med and heavy

The improved tracking, i have not seen improvements

Hammer still can hit anything

If anything i’ve noticed reap glitches out more and doesn’t pull the enemy to the player

Well m8 …i coyld say just : i played 30 hours in PTR as heavy armor heal ( just coz i 'm pala fun) … even that i was able to heal my grup …less problem whit self heal and running away. I like so much !
Hit and run/ heal Andy’s just can die , play whit skill or dps … i can see big changes in wars too !!

I’m all for it. Maybe this time healers will require peels/defenders. As it stands now, in PVP, if a healer is in a group than the dps gets focused first…I’ve never played an MMO where the healers are left alone because it would take too long to kill the healer.

Wonder when we will be getting the celestial gauntlet, healers need some love right now.

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Not this year for sure, IIRC, the upcoming weapons were somehow STR based, and I doubt NW will survive to 2023 without becoming F2P and merging into 1 server per area for NA, SA, EU and SEA.


at least something can kill healers.

Well, as long you put “light” in between “us” and “healers”. :wink:

played 2k+ hours as heavy healer and switched to light heals it really isn’t too bad.

Real question here, not an attack: does it not make sense or have an internal logic to the game that light should move further than medium or heavy?

Personally, I hope that this means medium moves farther than heavy but less than light. AGS seems to have trouble with adjusting elements of the game.

yes it does each dodge should go a different distance but i mentioned this as it was about the stam change and running away.

also in the video the difference between light and med is much greater then med and heavy

in fact if you go to the end of the video that shows all of the dodge on the ptr side by side you can see that heavy actually goes further then medium


What people fail to realize when they are happy they can finally kill a healer with little effort means you also won’t be getting heals, other than some AOE and hopefully a sacred here and there if there’s a healer alive.

The players out here taking a ton of damage are simply going to die so much more and you’ll miss your heals.

This update will be so interesting watching all these people die and complain about not getting heals or spending more time in respawn timers than playing the game

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