How to balance heavy armor

Heavy armor is at a weird point in the game. Medium armor almost fills the same role. But what if heavy armor had 3 weapons like in the new world beta :thinking:. It would make sense due to the weight and would be pretty cool.


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Heavy is absolutely fine as is.

Armor weights are all fairly balanced right now. Same can’t be said for the weapons, but weights are fine.


Fine? They take almost 0 damage and still hit you for 5k with a hammer heavy. Fine. Just 0 mobility is it’s only problem but it’s a fair trade off.

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To me that’s fine. Can endlessly kite around a heavy player.

Imagine how they would be, if they could choose 3 weapons instead of just 2 :rofl:

I mean sns heavy kinda is really strong in arena. Like really strong. Stupid strong. Kinda why it gets banned In these 1v1 tournaments.

Yet we need to need light armor. Make them take more damage. Good call AGS.

Actually this…

…is completely backwards. You’re already carrying a higher weight load, so adding another weapon would make that weight load even worse. Using only weight as a criteria; the lightest armor builds should be able to carry the most other stuff.

Would prob just be Bruiser plus Sword and Shield LOL, which sounds busted AF, particularly in small scale. Far too much chase and definitely too much CC in the entire kit. Would have far too few weaknesses.

If they can even manage to make it close to me AND cc me then they deserve a 5k hit to be for real

Yeah and with some builds this is actually the correct term to use too lol.

They can 100 percent make it to you?? Hold that tower shield and walk to you. Where you going to go in arena?

I’m going to run in circles while bleeding them with net shot and mortaring them(not blockable). Easy as hell.

You only have to worry about leaping strike, and it’s not super hard to dodge it.

For those of us who don’t use newbtubes?

I’m just saying if you lock heavy and light armor player in a room, with the same build, same attribute split. Heavy player will win 10/10 times. They constantly keep nerfing light armor’s mobility. So I just hard disagree. I can’t remember the last time I died to a heavy player but stilll I hit them for under 1000 damage, and they hit me like a truck and AGS wanted to nerf light armored even more. Just a hard no.

Depends :joy:. Some builds are better in light, some better in heavy.

Void guintlets also work GREAT and IG’s somewhat work ok too.

i was telling same thing with you when life staff and heavy armor op. problem is everyone wants their weapon more stronger then others. i dont think game now is balanced and never will be :slight_smile: . Lets think about it why no one using heavy armor in opr? :smiley: because it is really bad. endgame damage too high for heavy armor. Heavy armor need to buff not too much but a bit. as i say someone will happy others mad. :smiley: .

GS works like a charm, you can be either light, medium, heavy, w/e. Just spam heavies through poor guy block and kill it with 5 total swings (stamina+hp) or even less if they decide to fight back or run than even less.

IG works like a cham 2, especially when u play windchill but not necessary. Spear works great with all duels too due to 50% dmg reduction and cc’s, Also vs heavy, especially with the kick as it blows stamina on block away, Even rapier with endless kiting around in circes can do this.
But the best one vs every single thing is melee range bow with 2 staggers, dodge, and hits like a truck blowing through heavy armor, with additional benefit of beeing able to do all this at 200m too.

my conclusion is heavy armour Is not any stronger than other builds. It is just way easier. Heavy armor allowing you to make MULTIPLE mistakes in a fight, and stll get away with it. Light armour does not give you this. You made mistake = u’re dead.

I think its balanced tho.

You guys keep seem to be leaving stuff out. They keep nerfing ing light armors mobility. They want to now make it so they take more damage in general. So no I don’t think it’s balanced. I don’t want to “run” or “ kite endlessly “ I want to fight and kill and move on.

Heavy is strong. Issue with it is bad mobility in game modes where you need mobility. And medium is not losing much defensive compared to heavy so heavy is where it is.

Weaken medium defensive properties and then it would be viable choice: medium or heavy.

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netshot bleed and mortar bypass shield block are bugs and will be fixed.

And explosive arrow? Splitting nades?

Medium has almost the same damage reduction as Heavy, it’s just medium has better mobility than heavy. I have played heavy since launch and I like the lack of mobility for the most part. If a light or medium comes to fight me then I fight, if they run away then I ignore them and let someone else kill them.

I do think that heavy should have a slightly higher damage reduction to make it a bigger difference to medium, similar to how the damage reduction between light and medium is much greater than medium to heavy. Light armor has 25% dmg reduction, medium has 37.7% and heavy has 45%, I think heavy should be 50%, it’s only a slight increase but would make it more of a difference to medium.