How to combat bots

Instead of bans you make it so it’s not worth it
To use bots in the game anymore

Make everyone auto flag for pvp every time they enter a city . And also every time they get a pop up box on the screen to turn of pvp with a one or two click’s . Make the box appear on random places on the screen.

Second thing is do the same box to interact with the trade hub .

And bots will be gone in a month.


Hate to break it to you but bot programs are really good at visual detection and clicking.

It would just frustrate the regular Joe who didn’t realize the game is suddenly flagging him.

There need to be more fundamental changes that discourage and punish bots.

Instead they do things like removing loot from treasure chests that hurt regular players much more than bots.

Make everything bind on pickup.
That’ll also take care of RMT Settlement owners trying to monoplize the market.
As well as bring back value to developing gathering skills instead of buying RMT money to shop in the Trading Post for mats.

That’s hilarious, it might just work!

And then we’ll see other mmos going this route lol

You’re creating a charter for griefers there. Some level 60 moron will just hang out and kill everyone who is a lower level.

How to really combat bots would probably be as simple as someone reviewing the cases manually on a 9-5 job.

They may pop back up right away but its a triple win.

  1. Someone has a job.
  2. People on new world feel like action is being taken (looking at you level 60 iron bots that have been here since day 1).
  3. If they do reappear, more money for AGS, preferably to pay the person banning the bots and thereby making AGS money.

I dunno sounds great in theory to me but who the fuck am I.

Hell maybe this is exactly whats happening already but seems unlikely.

The developers are completely incompetent, the reporting system does not work completely, the bots have been alive for two months
English is not my first language, so it may contain errors, sorry.

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When you start fighting bots, half of the online is already in these bots - they do not allow normal people to collect resources and spoil the game.When will you apply more stringent measures to them?you throw reports and silence in response.

I thought it was a post about unkillable Life Staff user in PvP. I’m sarcastic.

Mate the bots that are used in new world cant get over a small rock .
if its not coded into their path , they are as basic as they can be .
it would work . dosnt have to be a click ti could be a random keyboard latter and a click .

the people using bots in new world are not the brightest out there , i seen bots run into walls
for 3 days straight .

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