How to contact New World Support?

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Can any of you please explain HOW we can contact New World Support?
I literally used AmazonGames Support page to send a ticket to your support crew.

As the answer I received (direct quote):

Is this some kind of joke? I’m trying to contact support since launch day. Live Chat feature never worked, always get stuck at 5 minutes. Now Support operator as the answer for ticket sent by support page ask me to send a ticket through… support page. Really?!

I love New World. One of the best MMO’s on the market at the moment.
But with all respect, your support simply ***** …

When I dared to point this out at your discord my message has been censoder nearly immediatelly. Really? It wasn’t offensive in any way…



4th day of trying to reach Support Team.
Live Chat feature at Support site still stucking on 5 minutes all the time after long queues.

Censorship at Discord.
Ignored DM’s.
Especially censorship is really “mature”. There was no any offense in my messages, I’m only asking for help but moderation preferred to delete message than answer. Awesome…

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I’m still waiting for someone to get back in contact with me regarding my dead GPU issue that happened on launch day.
Granted they are super over whelmed with all the stuff that is happening, just try to give them some time… hopefully they’ll be able to get back on proper track.

I’m aware of support being busy.
But answer for support ticket sent through support site “Go to Support site” is really not acceptable…

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@LuKi greetings!

Sorry for the bad experience.

Did you try the chat option?

Let me know please if you find the chat option on this link.

The Live Chat feature is getting stuck at 5 minutes always after long queue. Starting from ~100 minutes waiting time then getting stuck at 5. There is simply no way to contact support since support crew as an answer for ticket sends people back to support website…

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Opened live chat option. Estimated 30 minute wait time. 3 hours later and it still said 30 minutes.


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