How to effectively disable family sharing and reduce botting/exploiters -- Amazon, please read!

I have the feeling that you aren’t even reading the comment and are just here to troll because all the points in your comment are addressed in his comment…
Or you are just ignorant and can’t empathize with others than yourself people.
Yes like said in his post most people can pay 40$ like he said in his post but most parents won’t (it’s not that they can’t but they won’t) pay 40$ for each child for a video game… They want them to share it which causes a whole lot of problems. It’s more than only money that’s involved.

But let’s just stop this useless discussion since people won’t change there opinions anyway and let AGS make a decision by themself.

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I have two young children who would like to play New World, but I’m not going to buy each of them their own copy. I’m also, not expecting them to play at the same time, since we have only one computer, and I certainly wouldn’t expect them to be in the same server. If that were the case, I would fork over the money for additional licenses. In terms of a business model, Amazon doesn’t care if a license is used by an adult or a young child. Right now, I just let each of them create a character in the two US West slots, while my main and alt are on Eastern US slots.


They disabled Family Sharing I just checked so it was an oversight that it was on otherwise they would have just used Steam Bans

I see that it’s disabled as well.

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Yeah found out because someone on reddit was complaining that now he cannot use anymore alts on the same server…




They won’t spend 40 bucks on this game but will spend more on a PS5 or console game. Are you really trying to speak for every family everywhere? I have no apathy for people that think they are owed stuff for free for doing nothing.


Hope that can be fixed…

What a tool. Go back to the basement, kid.

I agree that you are absolutely a dumbass (as you said yourself) but it’s not for paying to play the game.

I can’t afford the $200 a mo Direct TV bill with my 500 channel lineup so I just want to pay base rate and get all the extra channels for free. Oh, and the unlimited plan for my phone, ipad, iwatch, please charge me for just ONE item, not for every device I am using as it is too expensive. Oh and both of my theoretical kids want their own ipad so I think I will demand the store does a buy one get one free for me…

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Its not getting it for free so stop using it as an argument… Family sharing is just like sharing a hard copy in house from the old days… Where we used to have cds that we where able to share between each other in house…
In my opinion there shouldn’t be a reason to buy another copy of the same game on the same machine just so ons of my household members can play it but hey this is opinion is based on how it was when games where still on cds (you know those round disks idk if you ever saw one since I have the feeling some of you are born after 2000)

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except you are thinking of things that never happened before in this genre: online MMO games. You are thinking of single-player games. Literally none before New World (who probably made a mistake and have since corrected) had this option. You can’t share a “hard copy” of an online mmo with someone in the same house without breaking TOS, as it is attached to an online account. Single player offline games don’t need any of that. You are asking for free server resources and updates without paying for them.

Perhaps instead of wanting accounts for “theoretical kids” you can actually get real kids/real family and stop this pedantic nonsense.


I can’t speak for other “legitimate” family share users, but in my case, none of your points are valid. I purchase this game and I alone have ever and will ever play it. It’s completely irrelevant how, when, where or why I choose to play it, provided that it’s always only myself. The simple facts that “legitimate” family share users are justly upset with and complaining about are 1) the willful decision which severely impacts both “legitimate” family share users and the deviant people which it’s aimed at stopping alike, 2) Amazon has literally prevented a significant method in which some “legitimate” family share users choose to use their product which we purchased. It’s similar to selling a game, and then after thousands of users have purchased and invested significant hours of their lives into it, they switch their engine and only offer 2 solutions (which were initially provided and implied to remain in effect): 1) lose all of your progress and start over, or 2) re-purchase the game for the full amount in order to continue using the product which they purchased. Amazon knew better before doing this, there should have been discussion, debate and most importantly a working plan to avoid infringing upon the rights of “legitimate” family share users in place PRIOR to enacting this “decision”. I’m not one, but I would love to hear a class-action attorney’s perspective as to the legal aspects of this “decision”.


Unless you want your kids to have a character on the server youre playing . Like in wow or any other mmo . So yeah makes no sense for 50-70% of the population . But for the rest of us it makes a lot of sense.

That’s a great solution, except for players who have invested many hours to level up who now have no choice but to lose all of their progress or spend another $40-$50.

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Most of us would not have an issue with this. If this could be set up as a ‘true family share’ where access is only granted to the same household static ip and the entire ip is blocked if anyone playing on the main account or family share cheats/exploits/bots ect, I think most of us would be okay with Family Share.

Unfortunately this is not how Family Share works and it has become a joke of a feature commonly utilized by exploiters/hackers/cheaters and players to reenter the same game and continue cheating after being banned. As mention a few times, quite a few games had to disable this destructive cheat tool ‘years’ after launch after players had thousands (not hundreds) hours of playtime and you should have seen the mess this created.

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This is a STEAM feature, not an Amazon feature and everyone should consider the multiple use of the game at the same time under Family Share just another one of New World’s ‘bugs’ as it was never intended to be used this way and violates Steam’s terms of use of this feature.

Keep in mind that this game’s Terms of Use at purchase includes phrases such as:

> We may change, modify, suspend, or discontinue support for the Games and In-Game Items, in whole or in part, at any time without notice.

> We may also terminate your right to use the Games at any time, without compensation or notice to you.

While Amazon Games may bring back this readily exploitable feature (many of us hope not), they do not owe anyone anything.

There are many gaming companies out there that could not control the exploits/cheating that this feature enables that had to disable Family Share YEARS in after players had thousands of hours into characters and progress because it is so destructive to games. Here is one such announcement from last year where Conan Exiles tried for years to prevent the chaotic mess Family Share was doing to their game and finally had to disable the exploiter vehicle all together after several years of uncontrolled cheating/exploiting/circumventing bans that constantly arose from the Family Share feature : image

Amazon Game’s mistake is overlooking the fact that this was allowed in the first place but disabling it a few weeks in is in the best interest for ALL as the mess we will have a year down the road when they realize it has to be disabled will have a far greater impact than it does now.

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Well people that have spend 400h playing it wil not start a new acc and start again. It’s not that fun to grind trees.
They need to find a solution for the one playing legit to continue they played acc.
Not by paying another 40$.


It’s amazing how dumb this whole discussion is.

Imagine owning a ps4, buying all the games on your account online. And then BAM! Sony makes it so everyone sharing the game on the PlayStation has to buy their own copy. For every game. Sounds insanely stupid right? So why this,” one game - one player.” Mentality? It’s like none of you have used a “family share” type device or have done it for any game. Maybe you’re right. Call of duty should take out split screen for campaign/multiplayer and make you buy 2 copies to play together.

“It’s an mmo! No other mmo let’s you share the game!” On wow there are many many servers with 10 characters per server. Just share the account. Or refer a friend. Bruh you can play for free up to level 20. Other mmos are free. You can play Cross platform on genshin and RuneScape. What if they charged you per device a monthly per device? Made you reset progress per device? Mobile has the most bitters and gold farmers on mobile for RuneScape. You telling me they can’t use the same account with progress?

They chose to put it on steam and not their own client. Let family share be.
I’m also one of those players who play it family share. 0 hours on the main account of the game. Got it 4 days ago and already80 hours. Game is trash but the grind is atleast more bearable than wow and RuneScape. Atleast so far.