How to effectively disable family sharing and reduce botting/exploiters -- Amazon, please read!

Legit people are using this feature from the beginning, not only cheaters.
Please AGS, can you confirm what your plans are with family share feature? At least tell us, for the legit users who uses this to not waste their time if you are going to disable this.

We just want comunication, please.

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I am absolutely on drugs right now but that has nothing to do with how poorly optimized the game is and how badly it performs on older hardware. I definitely believe that you and this other guy can launch the game but there is no way you’re able to get anything close to a playable framerate or any kind of stable performance with the kind of hardware you’re describing.

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I play on an Acer mid-range laptop and I get 20-30 FPS, it’s not desirable but I could play. I just wish the game was more optimized to have a decent experience. On cities and places with lots of mobs it drops to 10 FPS.

low budget copy paste world.

Ye, sounds like they want to keep family share as an option and instead want the ability to ban the shared account in its entirety instead, so people using it normally would be fine while banned accounts can’t exploit it. That’s what I’m getting, at least.

As a Husband and father of two children and being the only one working(17 bucks an hour) if you cant afford to pay 40 bucks for each of your family that wants to play then you need to reevaluate your finances…and priorities. I paid for me and my wifes…kids to young to play games. But holy shit, family sharing, if its being abused remove this games ability to use it. Ive never seen a MMO allow this anyways.


This reminds me of a post of someone on reddit which explains my opinion about it very well:

Generally saying that you “just have to earn money if you can’t afford stuff” is just a pretty stupid thing to do. What about sick or old people or anyone that for some reason doesn’t have the opportunity or capability to just “earn more money”?
Of course you can say such people shouldn’t be gaming, but I don’t bother to judge.

but hey I’m happy you that you are able to afford it!!!@!

I have just edited the OP including information about Steam Game Bans.

they won’t take your advice, and they don’t have their own way

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huge bump

So you believe you are entitled to play a game when you can’t afford to buy it? If you can’t afford it you don’t get it. Should car dealerships allow you drive cars because you choose to be broke? Get a job, mow a lawn there are more jobs available in the world now than ever.

What about those that actually followed the rules and bought a copy? Screw us so you can play for free because you can afford an expensive computer and chose not to pay for a game?



A lot of the time it’s not even about “can afford”. Parents will never want to shell out for a copy for each kid, “just let your brother have a shot” is pretty standard. The result, historical, y was account sharing, and the game support folk left to try and mediate messes when someone’s sibling threw a tantrum and deleted the other’s character or some such. The whole concept of family share is to mitigate that: one copy can be shared without account sharing. So, it’s not just poor people or those who want to get out of paying, it’s people who have no say in the matter and will wind up sharing a copy anyway. Yes, account sharing is against EULAs for everything ever, and yes, as time goes on parents are trending towards greater understanding and familiarity with games, but none of that will change the fact that family share literally protects games companies and players from ‘known third party’ compromises and is purely a good thing for everyone.

Now, the fact that I can claim any random friend who has a game I want to play but not pay for as ‘family’ is questionable, but it does pose problems in terms of data protection - especially given the variances in legislation worldwide - and how much Steam can reasonably ask to be given to prove it, and that’s before you account for people who have non-traditional families (eg my partner lives with me, he is my family, but we aren’t married, don’t share a surname, and basically can’t prove anything except we both live at the same address…so do roommates count, or is our family ‘invalid’? What about the lady across the road, whose partner works away and only gets to come home for one week a month, so his official address is far away from her and his kids, is he not a part of their family because if how much he sacrifices for them?). There’s an honour system, to a degree, which means they don’t risk invalidating those kinds of families, but means some folk can take advantage. Maybe it could be tighter without posing genuine people problems, but it could never be strict enough without being unfairly exclusionary.

Fair enough, me and the mister each bought our own copies because we never considered the share feature, but there are undoubtedly others in the same situation who were smarter than us, and it wouldn’t be right to punish them to take the easy way out. Again, yes, people are abusing the system, but stopping that by stopping legitimate gamers is not a reasonable response.

That said, I do agree there should be some accountability. Much as only the offending user should have account actions like bans, the key itself should be either invalidated or blocked from future sharing. If the sharing parties are truly ‘family’, then they can sort out repayments for having to buy a new key between them. I’m sure the ne’er-do-wells will eventually run out of suckers willing to repeat-pay for them to cheese things, or get bored of having folk huckle them for £40 every other week.


Family sharing makes no sense.


They should turn it off after they have banned the exploiters

In the recent patch where they combat gold trading/bots. these methods have proven to be low effect and mainly has even more negative impact on the game over long period of time.
This will spring industry for character leveling bots that will yoink all low level monsters from others.
Implementing level locked restriction hurts casual players but what comes to gold selling. it’s like prison where you might reduce amount of abuse for a short period of time. but once the account factories start rolling there will be constant flow of characters between this level bracket. like prison where you put one in, one comes out essentially just escalating the issue further by making them build additional industry on top of another.
I would not be sad about it but for the million dollar industry that gold selling is, provoking them to bypass anticheat and then sell the methods to do it forwards for hackers is worrying to say the least.
I miss the times when there was player moderators on every server to instantly implement mute to gold sellers

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It’s kind of pathetic that you assume that amazon developers don’t know these (incidentally ineffective) methods

The paid account allows for two characters. Sharing built in as there is no reason to really have two characters on one account at the one character can do it all.

A family that can afford a computer to play this game can afford 40 more bucks. You know this I know this the world knows this.

Please stop making round about excuses so that you can justify the theft of funds and exploitation on the system. Family sharing is not a good thing.

If you are so poor you can’t afford a 40 dollar game maybe you should sell your 1k plus computer and use your time better as in using your time to bring in more income to your household.

Do you have proof and stats that show that removing family sharing and implementing game bans are ineffective?

I have the feeling that you aren’t even reading the comment and are just here to troll because all the points in your comment are addressed in his comment…
Or you are just ignorant and can’t empathize with others than yourself people.
Yes like said in his post most people can pay 40$ like he said in his post but most parents won’t (it’s not that they can’t but they won’t) pay 40$ for each child for a video game… They want them to share it which causes a whole lot of problems. It’s more than only money that’s involved.

But let’s just stop this useless discussion since people won’t change there opinions anyway and let AGS make a decision by themself.

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I have two young children who would like to play New World, but I’m not going to buy each of them their own copy. I’m also, not expecting them to play at the same time, since we have only one computer, and I certainly wouldn’t expect them to be in the same server. If that were the case, I would fork over the money for additional licenses. In terms of a business model, Amazon doesn’t care if a license is used by an adult or a young child. Right now, I just let each of them create a character in the two US West slots, while my main and alt are on Eastern US slots.