How to effectively disable family sharing and reduce botting/exploiters -- Amazon, please read!

Mhm… Pls delete your post.

I bought the game and spend 400h on it… With work wife and kids I don’t have time to spend another 400h, to get another character up there… Just make it possible to transfer acc that’s what alot of people are asking for.


Exactly, if disabling family share solves a huge problem then we’re all for it, but you should not and cannot punish your legitimate players without a solution. BTW, going on day 3 here. Amazon, what a joke


Solved it for me. Not an RMT bot spammer in sight since patch. Beside the occasional chat lag bug, the convo’s actually flow now. Now AGS just needs to start merging servers to cover for the lack of gold farmers.

This is not a ps4 game, this is a PC game, not the same.

Part of the terms of use state no account sharing like you do on PS4.

You also seem to be a bit confused on the STEAM Family Share feature as not all games allow this feature. I do not know if Amazon Games overlooked this and it should not have been an option from the beginning or they just got wise to the fact that the STEAM feature has wreaked havoc on many other games as a vehicle for exploiting and banned players returning so they decided to turn it off which is their choice.

Be grateful the feature is disabled now in a few weeks after launch rather than years (and thousands of hours of playtime) down the road like other games have had to do.

I agree, just go buy the game for each account you want to use.

Yes, I think most everyone would be in favor of this. It is the faulty STEAM feature players want to remain disabled, not the loss of progress for those wanting to purchase the game and continue playing.


I was under the impression it would work like other steam games: where the family share account will be prompted to buy the game to continue progress. I’m disappointed these people don’t seem to have that option.

It is my guess that they are working on this or perhaps it already exists? I have seen reference to others continuing play after purchasing the game on the account they were using Family Share on. Are you suggesting that this did not work for you?

I have the feeling that once Amazon Games realized how the cheaters/exploiters were abusing this STEAM feature and how rampant the damage was, they had to put out the fire quickly by immediately disabling the feature to prevent further damage. I am guessing this is why they did not have time to put a process in place as far as next steps for those using Family Share and which is why they are stating to watch the Family Share post for future updates.

The issue for some has been that for whatever reason, they purchased the game on one of their accounts but actually played the game on another through family share. I am hoping Amazon Games can help transfer (if possible) this progress to the account the game was purchased on.

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I wish they had their own launcher and removed steam. Problem solved.


I can see why that political person called you such names. You are putting the whole problem on steam instead of Amazon. It’s amazons game, Amazon’s choices, and Amazon’s fault.

Again, please focus on the main topic. This is hurting legitimate players. There are plenty of solutions other companies have came up with to deal with bots and gold farmers. If RuneScape gold farmers are buying accounts left and right to bot, what stops gold farmers from buying more keys for 15 dollars and botting on the main account. It is a temporary fix. That won’t last. The only real thing it would fix permanently is the spammers. Hell, even in wow, low level players get hacked daily just to be used to spam chat. I was personally a victim to it myself. Since all you type more than you probably do play the game, I can see why you love this so much.

I HIGHLY doubt more players would come back because of less bots and gold farmers. In RuneScape more than 70% of players have bought gold. In wow, more than 80% of players have played a part of real world trading. I.E. helping in raids which were to help a player get drops and paying for the service, buying gold, etc.

Since you are on here so much, please link me to any posts saying,”because of the lower count of bots and gold farmers, I have returned to the game! Thank you Amazon games!”

Last point. Even if the player base goes slightly up and you were right, you still lost all those players who have the same problem as me. You repeat the same thing for almost all 16 of your posts last night.

We bought the game. If you have a problem with people specifically sharing the game itself. Let’s just make the game transferable to 1 steam account once. And those sharing it have to just bite the bullet. It hurts 50% less people. If we bought the game and don’t share it, and it’s just on another steam account because it was a feature earlier, then give us this option as a fix. 0 hours on main steam, 80 on my sub steam.

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No, I haven’t used family share, but from reading what other people in this thread spoke about, seems to have affected them.

I suppose it’s semantics, as anyone playing the game on a family shared account to me are not legitimate players until they purchase their own key. Personal opinion, I get its different to yours. My opinion stems from the fact that literally, no other B2P game on steam has ever had family share enabled until New World: likely a mistake, and a terrible business model, but again that’s just my opinion.

I actually stopped playing due to the number of exploits and cheating, and didn’t plan to come back until family share was disabled and the main exploits plugged: both happened this week and I’m back, so thank you amazon games!

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This is basically it.

I respect your reply since you were nice. Thank you!

I disagree with your statement on B2P games not being family shareable. Out of my 70 somewhat games. Only 4 are disabled for family share. You can find this at ‘Games in your Steam library excluded from Family Library Sharing:’.

The business model as the same as you sharing games you bought from PSN store for the whole family to play on your PlayStation. Same business model as buying a game on your PC and downloading it, and anyone on your pc can play it. You may not agree with it but if you have share anything on 1 device, you are a victim to it.

People on these forums only talk about the exploit where 100 people can just ravage one account and somehow play all at the same time. In a perfect world, this exploit is fixed and only 1 person at a time can play the game.

I’m happy you came back due to the game being better! Thousands of players on the steam review section talk about quoting the game until bugs and cheaters are gone. Excluding the ones who talk about how bland the game is; they’re never coming back unless there’s an expansion.

All I’m saying is, people in my position should get to play. It’s my game for just me, just on another profile. And if Amazon Games chooses to lose 10 players for this to bring back 1, it seems silly and unethical.

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I meant B2P MMO. These are vastly different business models than any other game and shouldn’t be lumped in with other steam games, only MMOs

Why, because I had a differing opinion? lmao

The issue IS the faulty STEAM feature that allows exploiters the ability to readily cheat within the game using this STEAM feature.

Just because this was a feature for whatever reason at launch, does not mean that Amazon does not have a right to disable it, just like many other gaming companies have done. Had this not been overlooked from the beginning, every single person playing would have had to purchase the game to play (like many other games) anyway. Think of it as a bonus, a lot of people got hours of free play time and if they want to continue, they can purchase the game and put it on the account they were playing on.

This is your second direct personal insult in ‘this’ post alone and I am sure it will not be your last because well, that is who you are. My hours shown on New World currently sits at 541.5 if you are really counting.

That is not what I said, must you twist everything? I clearly stated that " I predict that discontinuing Family Share could possibly bring the player base back up a little when legitimate players see that Amazon Games took the first step in limiting exploiting and those banned players returning to the game with the disabling of Family Share."

I know a lot of players that have either stopped playing or have had a more sit back and watch approach (I am one) that is not investing a lot of time into the game until we see the direction that Amazon takes such as taking a quicker stance in stating action will be taken against players using exploits before a fix is implemented, how fast they fix these bugs/exploits, whether bans go out for those actively exploiting, what measures they put into place to prevent future bugs/exploits ect.
Disabling the Family Share is a first step in taking swift action to prevent some of the largest exploits in this game such as the duplication of gold and in-game items and the ability to resurface in game to continue using them after they are banned.

Hmmm which is it, since I am on here (forum) so much I don’t play the game much or I am on here so much…

Again, I did not state that bots and farmers is the reason I want Family Share to remain disabled in the thread you are referring to (but it is a definite additional benefit), you took that all out of context, go look at the exact quote above.

There have been plenty of players that have mentioned throughout various threads that until Amazon can get some of these exploit bugs under control, they are done. I just told you that I am basically on a wait and see approach with simply doing my daily cooldowns until Amazon demonstrates that they will continue to take swift action against the huge problem they have right now with bugs and exploits and disabling Family Share is one such action for me. I have seen this STEAM feature ruin other games and I have seen how it has already become a vehicle for exploiters in this one.

The majority of players that will be gone with Family Share are those that did not pay for the game to begin but hopefully if they liked the game and all of the free time they had playing, they will consider purchasing the game like the rest of us and continue playing. Could there be some legitimate players that purchased the game that are angry enough to quit playing because they cannot now have 10 others playing off their account for free, sure.

As far as me stating the same thing over and over again… It is because people like you twist things I have stated for your own agenda (demonstrated above in this post) and/or fail to see the actual point.

If you bothered to actually read any of my posts, you will see that I have also repeatedly stated that the destructive Family Share STEAM feature is the issue and needs to remain disabled but that it would be great if Amazon Games worked with those currently on Family Share to keep the character and progress if they want to purchase the game for that account OR, work on the ability to transfer that progress to the account the game was previously purchased on as long as there is only one character per server.

It’s shocking the amount of people that are here just to troll and the worse thing is that Amazon is listening to these people.

We have stated many, many, many times, that 1) account sharing in MMOs is dumb 2) family sharing IS account sharing 3) family sharing allows people to play the game without playing 4) family sharing is used by the majority of players to exploit bugs and cheat than legitimate users

You say it’s ridiculous for a PS4, but this is not a console. By the way, “each player having to buy their own copy” already exists: if you buy a digital copy it is linked to your account and the only way you can “share” your copy with your friends is by sharing your account. Which is forbidden by the terms of use of Xbox Live and PSN+ (or similar service, I don’t know the name of their sub service).

We never denied Family Sharing was a bad feature. It just doesn’t make sense for MMOs, and as I said many times before, the main reason people that are “legitimately” using this feature is just to play without paying (sharing their license with 4+ people, some even abusing a Steam bug to play at the same time), because paying 4x $40 is “too much” for them.

If this family sharing feature was widely known at launch day, I bet you New World would sell a lot less than it already sold, because people have no reason for buying the game if you can just ask a friend to share their copy with you.

And finally, repeating for the millionth time, even though there are legitimate users of Family Sharing, unfortunately the majority of users are using this feature to abuse exploits and cheat, killing the game experience for the others and damaging the whole game in the end.

I am 200% sure Amazon is not deleting these accounts and if you buy the game you can resume your progress from where you left off.

I agree and others have stated that they have purchased the game and resumed playing their characters on the Family Share account after installing the game on that account. I just cannot state with any certainty that this is the case as so far, it is hearsay and nothing I have tested myself.

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oh yeah, it’s about time.