How to effectively disable family sharing and reduce botting/exploiters -- Amazon, please read!

even if is true if they remove ur account and ask for another 40$ for play what u would do?

i have 3 minutes of play time on the account with the game and 300h on the family share account, why i have to pay 2 times if others pay 1 time?


I think a real question here is why did you put only 3 minutes into the main account and all your time into a free-linked account? makes no sense. If it was someone else’s game you were linked to, then you bought them the game and they just didn’t play, time to pay for your own game.

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the 3 min is bc i bought launched and closed (didn’t create a new char)

the reason bc i used a share account is bc i’m doing a mother account that buy games and i share it with me and my brother/dad
in that way when i stop to play a game they can easy access it in the future
just for quote my current status
my brother is playing RAFT a game i bought in 2019 with my last save around 2019, so it was sitting in my library, family share allow my brother to play that instead clash of clans
my dad is playing Age of Empires 4…
have a single root account is easier to manage, if i know the game was without family share i would have bought it on my main
is like why use paypal instead link ur card on a site?

That’s expected? I once bought COD MW 2019 and played for like 2 hours. Contacted support to refund my purchase because the next day after my purchase, the game went on sale. I asked for a refund to buy the new version, support told me my progress would be erased.

I simply accepted it, specially because it wasn’t too much progress, but still, I really wanted to play the game. Turns out my progress wasn’t erased at all and I could resume from where I left off.

Although they are not deleting family shared accounts, I would never, in the first place, dedicate so much time in a shared account in a MMO, because I know sharing accounts in MMOs is never supposed to happen. Unless you don’t care about your progress being erased, you spent so much time on a bomb that is about to explode at any moment. It’s like as if you tried to cheat in your account, it didn’t work, and you continued playing. Then one day you get banned for cheating for the day you tried to cheat and lose all the progress you made since then.

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I don’t fully disagree with you, however not everyone used “family shared” accounts as shared accounts.

When I first started playing, I was gonna play with a friend (lets call him friend 1).
I was gonna join friend 1’s server but due to overpopulation it was currently closed, but thinking about it I decided to create a character on a different server but same world-set, as there was already talk about server transfers coming up very soon.

I played for a while but server transfers took longer then I initially thought it would, and really… I hate playing alone.

At some point at this time, another friend (friend 2) got the game and was creating a character, he found out the server that friend 1 was on, had been unlocked.
We decided then to create new characters on this server and level up together.

When I started creating it, I realized I couldn’t make another character in the same world-set…
Thinking it was all temporary I got onto my second steam account just to play a bit with them instead of alone.

I did, everything was fine… We had fun :smile:
… But, these server transfers took forever …
Being so far along I ended up committing to my new character making it my main, and then this.
They disabled family share, long after the game was released with no plans prepared KNOWING there would be users with legitimate reasons to do this.

This was a rash decision, yet claiming it was not taken lightly, with no plan for us.

I bought the New World license that applies to one person.
I used a steam feature that was allowed by the game.
I have not been involved in actions against ToS (as further confirmed by AGS support).

So why am I, and of course some other people… being punished for it?

Sorry for a long reply, but I would like you to understand that there are a lot of users that did not share the game with anyone else but used a feature that was shipped with the game, to circumvent poor game design.

Because the percentage of people abusing this feature is much higher than who use it for legitimate purposes.

I believe it was never intended to be enabled in the first place and if you didn’t suspect it would be disabled at a later time, I don’t know what to say other than you were naive to believe a MMO would allow account sharing to happen, when any other MMO out there forbids this practice. And yes, it’s not by New World itself, but it’s a feature of the platform the game is on, which severely impacts gameplay because you simply don’t need to buy the game again to play/cheat/abuse exploits. The fault is on Amazon for leaving it enabled since the start, and not communicating whether this should’ve been enabled or not in the first place.

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It’s not that I didn’t suspect it would be disabled at some point, it’s the fact that I had confidence that a MASSIVE company wouldn’t act this unprofessional, making such rash decisions without even thinking up a plan for the people who genuinely used a feature they allowed in the first place.

The exploiters/botters/gold sellers has been in the game since day one. How much more damage would they cause while the dev team came up with a plan before executing said plan?

Its not like they didn’t know about us…

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well actually amazon is in breach of steams TOS because they failed to have a system in place to stop multiple accounts logging in at once this as stated by steam TOS is a clear violation on their part as many MMOs have family share available for use but they don’t have amateurs doing the code and make sure to disconnect any accounts that try to multi log instances of the same game so once again it is not naive or ignorant it’s just a blatant breach of steams TOS and robbed people of money they spent legitimately and they have gone into dark mode about it because they know they fucked up and don’t want lawsuits from Steam and are tyring to find a fix before people grow a fucken brain and say something


You’re right :rofl:

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Remedies for Breach of Contract — Judicial Education Center.

Anyone else hear Kanye West saying “Oh, I’mma let you play - but…”!

Check your email, I think you will have a surprise :wink:


Just an fyi that I am closing this thread as we have disabled family sharing and provided a resolution for those using family sharing for valid reasons here: [Notice] Family Sharing Update - #2 by Luxendra