How to find sliver of adderstone(50weight mod for bags) - guide

I’ve seen alot of players asking how to get this mod. It is one of the most looked for mod on trading post.
You can only get this mod from mining stone. To increase your chance at getting it, you need luck.
With a full set of 3.5% reinforced luck per piece of armor, +adorned luck on bag, and jewely, food, and house trophy, I can get this mod in under 30min of farming stone.
Note that reinforced luck perk on armor increases with GS, so pieces at lvl 60 can get up to 6% per piece, or something like that. While it’s easier to farm this at lvl 60, i got 2 sliver of adderstone just yesterday in under 30min with the gear/buff build i suggested above.

You can get the luck gear from the trading post for 50 gold a piece, or farm expeditions.

Good luck.

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Hey @PlasticSword not had any luck yet and have spent several hours with about 22% luck and 1400 food, what level where you when you got this? Any particular zone?

I got a couple of them in everfall with similar stats and around 120 mining. But it is quite a slog!

I started to farm for these around level 45, outside Windsward, mining the stone near the gate and going on a mining rampage through the forrest. I get one sliver of adderstone between 3000-5000 stone farmed.

stop giving away my money-making secrets :frowning:

It’s not a secret and stop being so greedy, out of the 2 which is worse ?

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