How to fix economy

Since there has been major overwlow of “black” dupe gold in economy that is almost irreversable to fix and sets all the other players who grinded the fair way waay behind. You can not track that gold since it has been used, reused, transfered to acounts and so on. If goldseller can make 5k usd per day then immagine how bad the situation in economy actually is. So here is the only solution me and my friends figured out that would mitigate this huge mess:

  1. Drastically increase max gold cap, like 5x or 10x and increase gold income from quests, outpost rushes and loot by same amount.
  2. Despawn all void armor that has been obtained since last patch.
  3. Before steps above pervent any future goild/dope exploits by imlimenting some sort of log scanner software.

That reads to me like “Help the gold dupers by giving them bigger bank accounts”


I agree. When I first read that line I read it as “drastically decrease” because that made sense. I have a hard time understanding why we’d want to increase the gold cap to address dupers.

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he wants to kick in inflation and make the gold they duped worth less. if everything gives more gold and its easier to get you’ll need a bigger storage but items will also be valued as worth more gold


He has right.
This is the human being. If there is little of something you want it and you will to pay it. Real money in this case.
How much it cost? 1000 in-game gold worth 4-5 dollar. Right?
But if everyone hold a lot of gold in-game, worth less in real money and not worth it to dupe or scam and sell it.

So the Devs have to boost the gold income. It will progress inflation of the gold cost in real money.

Ah ok. Thanks for the explanation. I wasn’t putting 2 and 2 together. I suppose that might be necessary. I guess we’ll see how this turns out.

Actually AGS has ways and does monitor all wealth trading.

thats actually pretty clever

Nah… you can not prove that a newbnro who sold to a glitcher trinket for 5k gold is commiting some sort of fraud or crime. And that newbro sold like 10x of such items and used gold to boost professions. What to do now? :smiley:

Nah. inflation kicks in and a health pot that costs 10g now will cost 100g. Nobody will pay gold seller 5usd per 10 healthpots anymore.

I said they have ways and tools to MONITOR & TRACK wealth transfer. Not to know the REASON BEHIND said transfers… They know exactly how much and to who you send gold.

And at the same time absolutely destroy the game from the perspective of new players who arrive after this happens.

See above…

I’d settle for an NPC vendor.

/me continues to beat dead horse.


This needs an actual economist help, because what you guys are proposing are 2008 and Covid crisis kind of economic shifts and its going to cause even more pain.

Turn Everfall into Venezuela is all im reading.

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its already so bad the trading post is dead and ppl barter on a lot of servers so what’s the worst your going to do , nothing

have to take a shot or your going to have a life support economy till an expansion makes new high tier economy

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It needs more gold sinks to eat away at the gold that is in circulation.

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nah… more gold sinks will put fair players behind even more. At the moment those who have played fair are slaves for gold dupers farming for them mats and selling ridicculously cheap for them untill next expansion hits in few years. The situation needs urgent solutions, otherwise people will leave because economy is big part of game and nobody wants to get enslaved.

this wouldnt really fix the economy tho, it’s just normal inflation, items will just increase in price, like in venezuela, you have to have a wheelbarrow full of cash to buy some bread, gold dupers can just stock up on voidingot for example because with inflation, prices will increase aswell, so they can sell voidingots for more money later on, same with gold sellers, instead of 5 bucks for 1k you get 10k for 5 bucks, thats how inflation works. i think the only way to actually fix the economy after the dupers has ruined it, is by introducing new content, that will automatically decrease the price of the most valuable items at this point, making their efforts has gone mostly to waste while keeping the same worth of the coin, without inflation, increasing the gearscore creates new items, but before that hey obviously has to get rid of the duping exploits.

Making wide spread changes based upon assumptions is not a good call.

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