How to fix incoming patch?

Didn’t you realize that they’re attempting to legitimize their arguments by any form? just check out HCB for instance, he was spamming the same question over and over again “why can’t there be 30 bruisers in a roster”

Then, when he actually gets a proper response to such a stupid question he just changes the subject.

It barks a lot in here

Proper answer? You mean your last post? Bruiser meta killed 30 bruisers meta? I wouldnt say it that way. Main reason why people dont play 30 bruiser anymore is simple - bruiser gives more value with good mage than with other bruiser as a duo. Of course clamps were the problem but as i said i dont think it was main reason of changing meta.

Ask anyone who is really dedicated to pvp in this game which company are the best in new world, maybe one day when cross server will be available to run this tourney but now you can only predict and i as person who watch many wars i can say that those two companies are two best in whole new world. If it triggers you bro just treat them a S tier company and thats it.

BTW - which company/companies in your opinien are best in this game?

Its fine definitely RM nerf + all hammers abiltys nerf + gravity nerf + oblivion nerf (this nerf is for bruisers) + sacred ground nerf + 300 str nerf + forti nerf. Basically ALL gameplay is changed. They just do game for DEX players u have your weapon bis for 100k due to crafts meanwhile bruisers weapons were 1mill due rarity of perks thats BALANCE. I played every class in this game so im talking on experience you are a bit clueless about how pvp works

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I don’t even understand how anyone can wish for a nerf to a build that gets beaten in the arena, in opr, which is unplayable in all game modes if it’s not accompanied by a group.

is that like saying heal is meta and needs to be nerfed?

like everything done.

in truth if your only concern is to have places in war … should just allow the classes abandoned in war, to have a greater contribution to their group?

I’ve come up with something like this before:

improving weapons in teamplay

it would not be a nerve, but a contribution for everyone
unlike some here, I don’t want the nerfs of other builds, I just want the game to be more enjoyable for everyone

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It’s all rather simple really.

Currently, bruisers are the main frontline in all competitive wars. All other roles are support… The nerfs are needed to possibly open up alternative options for the players that are willing to adapt.

Bruisers are also the main frontline in OPR’s but you need the support roles to make it enjoyable so it’s just easier to play a rat when Queueing solo. (Hence the perception of bruiser not being OP in OPR’s)

These nerfs aim to change what a frontline could be because no other build stands a chance in the current meta.


Thing is not a nerf is a complete destruction, you are basically forced to change entire gear (that was expensive as f) for a class that will be even worst on next patch. Im 1 of best bruiser duelers on this game and half of classes hard destroy me rn with almost no chances. People that think bruiser is extremely op is because they dont play more than their own class

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If you bought that gear mans you can afford it right? And you were not expecting one day it will be obsolete? rlly?

And its not a destruction. Both weapons are viable. Just if you chose to still use both, you wont to good dmg. You have to replace one of them for dmg weapon. You know like all other builds are doing since day 1, where one weapon is dmg and other cc/utility. Or both are combination of this but do weak cc/utility. You didnt expect GA/WH to be always one and only bruiser build?

This happens in all MMORPG games, when they change the combat the teams have to be discarded many times, this also happens when the GS goes up even only 5 points.

Instead of complaining that they have to change the equipment, they should complain that the equipment is highly RNG and that this takes a long time to acquire it, how it negatively affects the game experience.

If a tree falls in the forest, and there are no bruisers around, does it make a sound?

We will find out after the patch.

Im not even a main bruiser (i just play it for army) but we couldnt get bis weapons almost until gold scarab (% was around 0.15% w/o gold scarab) and 4 months after gold scarab this weapons are 0 value, meanwhile for almost any other class u have bis weapon almost for free due patterns of events. Right now GA is “dmg” and WH is “utility” u dont have insane dmg, what hammer has good is aa tracking. I invite you or anyone that think that RN bruiser is op go solo opr you will enjoy for sure

Welcome to online gaming man. Things do change to keep players interested. Deal with it or stop playing online games. Go single player only.

Welcome to videogame i want every class being playable and enjoyable, they destroyed mage completely and i dont want bruiser end on same way than mage

Nah. Mage is ok. With ptr changes will be very much ok. Sure they did to many nerfs at start but its ok.

Yes with PTR maybe is fine but dont u realize there was 1 year of only bows on opr+ war and not single FS also void blade is legit sh1t, IG supernerfed VG supernerfed its not like this weapons are op the problem there is not weapons that can do supportive job

IT wasnt 1 year. Plus i dont see bow as big problem. Sure dmg does hurt but if after patch will be to strong, can be adjusted. Musket was only broken weapon in fact.

For long time healers were issue but kinda ok now i think.

How it wasnt 1 year do u play same game than me? FS was dead in the moment VG releases anyone played fs anymore after this

Nah. I did play FS/IG till GS. Then had to give up IG. Lot of mages stayed with FS. Just dont play wars. But on opr/arena u can see them.

I have topic similar to this one and explained things wit details. Would you really call it balance update? I would suggest you to take a look on this topic as well. Many people don’t understand bruisers and have no clue about the current situation of the game. NW community has lost half of its players and this patch will make more people quit the game.

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