How to fix new world in one big blow

Bots bots bots, theese guys are everywhere and they make the game a nightmare when your trying to gather. I seen vids of the botters getting a built in aimbot esp

Sell bots as a monthly/daily service or in game tokens, have a autofarm mode accessable to all players and the company makes money instead of the hackers

Aimbot, Autofire, Esp/Wallhack
Countless vids of wonder shots and aimbotters all over, everyones allways complaining

Switch the game to tag targetting

Actually what is the purpose of easy anti cheat if it doesnt even stop an aimbot software…?


bad post lol

Developing good functional AC will cost millions. Think about that - valorant uses even rootcheck and have probably one of the most advanced ACs out there and there are still cheaters. Only way i imagine to counter the bots and “autoaimers” is to implement some sort ingame randomized events that you must riddle or participate else you will be sent to some sort jail or something. It is possible to get the botting numbers lower like that i assume.