How to fix New World? Solutions

Hello new world community,

I’ve been playing since it launch and I had a really fun experience till end game and reviewing reddit, this forum , youtube, etc its seems that all agree on this, beside the bugs. So Im trying to add here all posible solutions I found on others places so that we could prioritaze some of this solutions and maybe just maybe they could focus on what we are asking for.

Need to fix ASAP:
1-Lag on war/outpost rush
2-Weapon issues (Such as dubble buffs, etc)
3-Cross server outpost rush
4-Cross server dungeon finder? Or only dungeon finder

End Game Solutions for
1- Outpost rush (If we are not thinking on adding other large scales pvps such as battlegrounds) needs to be cross server, able to join with a 20 pre-made group and its MANDATORY to have a Rating/Ranking/Division or whatever you want to call it so that its something that you can spam , learn and improve while you play at your level of skills.

2-It will be great if they add arenas 1v1,2v2,5v5 or whatever but its HAS to have Rating/Ranking/Division so that you will stay up all nigth trying to push to certain level.

3-It has to have beside the Ranking some reward like reaching to 2k ranking it will give you a skin so that you can show to other people in the city. This will make players to focus on getting the rating, on improving, on searching for teams , etc

This will make the game competitive and it wont depend on server or wars. Not get me wrong on wars and people really like them and its one of the best enjoyable experience in the game but what happen if in a server there is one company that has better players than other? I know that server merges improve this a lot, but for a couple of months or weeks but then it will be the same as before a couple of companys willl be the only ones playing. Thats why you need the Ranking/Rating on other end-games so that you play at your level and be able to actually enjoin the game

Mutation are great but;
1- They can’t have a max lvl (currently 10)
2- They need to be spammeables. If not, you cant improve at your own pace.

Basically you can say it will only reward items until lvl 10, after that if you do a 11 it will give the same GS as a lvl 10. So this way you have a competitive PVE game. Who is the team or player that have the biggest mutation completed? In your server? in your region? in the world?

Of course, completing it at lvl X should give you a skin or a head monster boss to show other people.

Important thing:
How it is possible that you have develop like 5-6 DGs and you are not using them? Once you reach lvl 60 the only DGs to play are the exact same 2, genesis and lazarous. You could using mutations spam amrine , turkamenash and etc. Its like you have in the game 6 DGs but you only use 2. I know the game has 6 months or less so that in the future you will add zones and new DGs and that is really great but need to use the ones you already have. So if in the future you add 2 DGs dont make unplayable the other 6 dgs. Use them , so if someone is able to do mutations on each DGs at lvl 10, for example, rewared him something.

In the other hand, invasion are gargabe.

Gear solutions:
Umbrals could fix the game:

or even Removing Water Mark could fix this part of the game

There are lot of things to add to this game, A LOT that could actually improve the inmersive subject such as:
1- Make gems change the abilitys. Like for example fire gem will add burn as dots, or ice gems wil slow the enemy, amethist will weaken , etc.
2- Adding new weapons and combinations (Like playing Bow and Void , Fire Staff and Hammer) I know there is a class called Battlemage but its umplayable for now
3-Improving crafting so that its actually a “job” in the game. For example once you reach 200 on everthing you can only choose one to continue “using”. Not sure about this one
5-More varaity on skins
6-Better perks that will actually show an impact on the game. Like full crit perks on every single slot.

PD: I really enjoy the game, and the idea of this post its to gather the opinions of other people so that we could fantasize about what should be the future of the game.


I think it would be cool to allow people to lvl it past 200 (maybe to 250?) but they can only do this with one trade skill (such as cooking) where they get tax discounts when crafting food, bonus food, higher tier foods (tier6?), etc (theres a number of bonuses or upgrades they can do to make it profitable).

Essentially make it so they can ‘master’ a skill. That way everyone in the game is encouraged to trade among each other for what they need rather than lvling everything themselves.

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They need a end game that is worth playing. That is what kills the whole thing. Mutaters wasnt anything important to the masses, it was just more grind. No new experiences.
We need an end game for when we hit 60. Raids, dungeons, story line.
People are bored.

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I understand diezel, but instead of rushing new content they could make the actual content playable.

Easy using the 6 dg like mutations
Adding cross server and ranking opr

Once we have this setup and workning without lag , with minor issues then we could think of an epic boss raid figth

We know they have the resource i remember the first time i did the siren. We killed first try and never went back again

Gs farming should have a goal. To defeat certain boss or to reach certain pvp rating

Rushing new content?
The game has been out for over 6 months and they have yet to add a new dungeon. A fucking dungeon.
Even Thorpe is still locked in Myrk. That would be new content. The Spriggan arena has never been opened for use since beta. Content is far from “rushed” they are just too far in their ass trying to make things more complicated and not just making it more enjoyable.

I love this game. and still play it…but.
There was no reason to raise gear score, that was something that should of come at the end of this year no the beginning. They are always behind in what needs to be done. They have been extremely bad at working with their community besides a few PTR changes. The Devs even stopped posting Dev Updates. They have no road map and honestly it seems like they have no direction. They need to launch new regions. Dont release a weapon until it comes with a new region.

Literally the only “new” content we have gotten is the Void Gauntlet, Gypsum, Umbral Shards, and mutaters of the same dungeons we have been running non stop.

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I understand your point.

For sure they need to add content I just think they could add a lot of endgame content just using what is there.

Just adding cross server opr and rating
All dg mutation without max lvl

Thats it, there you have a game. You have actual content that will be repetable with same mechanics.

Once you have a game, you could start adding more content .

  1. Ban the bots. Permanently, not just for 24 hours or 7 days.
  2. Eliminate housing tax.
  3. Don’t increase the grind and pretend that it’s new content.

I do not believe it can be fixed without chancing base design of the game. Either drop territory control grinder design or drop all pretense of being a mmo. I think latter is more likely to make a working game, but not one I would play.

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