How to fix or encourage world PVP

My idea to fix or encourage open world pvp while discouraging zerging.

  1. Should be a 50% XP boost when flagged for PVP and not in a group, then reduce the bonus by 10% per player added in the group.

  2. Make players killed in pvp drop an item that can be turned in for money and faction points. This item should also drop from inventories when killed. So if you have 3 and are killed you drop 4. Make the item like the cut off nose of the player( because eveyone only has 1 nose)

  3. 50% increase in gathering speed and resources gained wheb flagged for pvp, again reduced by 10% per player in the group.

  4. Make a specific resources for some of the high end gear drop from players killed in pvp and only from players killed in pvp. Like you need 1 bottled soul shard of another player as part of the crafting ingredients. Set the percentage chanche to get one of these drops to 5% and then reduce it by 1% per player while grouped up These resources should be sellable on the market.

  5. Also they should make the penalties proximity based to people who are in your company, say 250m in addition to people in your group to prevent abuse.

  6. They should also turn on friendly fire for all flagged pvp players unless they are in your group, this will also discourage zerging.

  7. Then add in a large faction rep penalty for accidently killing members of your own faction as well.

These are all meant to give incentive to open world pvp, and penalize zerging.

The penalties should be able to DROP to 0% chance for having to many people.

This will keep large group pvp to the wars, and incentivise solo, or small group open world pvp at the same time.

Obviously they can turn off friendly fire for wars etc, but have it on in open world pvp for people who are not in your group, but if you are grouped or close to another company member, you will see reduced benefits and even penalties if you accidently kill people from your own faction.


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