How to Fix PvP & PvE - Suggestions welcome


For PvP we need a WvW like cross server 3 Faction battle map thats large and has multiple layers of objectives and goals like Old AV had back in the day, in which some people need to be on the offensive army, some on the defensive part of the army, and some offensive players have to play a little defense, protecting stuff they captured from enemies,
while the defensive side of the army would have to play a little offense to pushback attacking armies and recapture important defensive points of interest.
Would have Siege weapons and other kind of creative weapons for large scale battle.
Server need to be stable for this to happen tho.

For PvE, we need large scale Level Scaling Dynamic Events that anybody can jump in and play, in which a powerful boss event spawns on a timer that everybody can know to meet at that location at that specific time.

Invasions as a concept need to be made more frequent and of different difficulties and different themes of the invaders. Right now its pretty much always the same old same old, and the Invasions happen all around the same time period at night. I want to play more of them since right now its the most fun form of PvE for me right now even though my server loses 100% of the time. The gameplay is fun.

Portals need to be more meaningful. If ignored they take over the map. Stuff like that.

Expeditions keys need to be removed.


We need New Weapons added to the game. Also a third tree for weapons would be nice as well.

Wouldnt mind a combat mechanic revamp as well so we can have more than 3 skills at a time replacing the item consumable bar with something different. Take a play out the ESO and Guild Wars 2 playbook here. How about having 9 Combat Skills,
1-4 are Weapon Skills, 5 is a unique heal Skill that all player have access to. These would be the potions that we buy for recovery. You can pick different kinds of healing potions that fit your build. Skill 6, 7, are unique story skills you unlock by playing the game. Skill 8 is a unique Faction specific skill. Skill 9 is an Elite Skill. Still has Weapon Swap.

Azoth Travel need to be removed. a flying glider or griffin mechanic like WoW would do wonders here.

Ship Building and Sea gameplay could be a nice feature here with Naval Combat and Treasure hunting like Wind Waker

Like GW2. Also a good alternative. People also suggested OPR to be cross-server.

They could also add a Relic system like Aika that provided World Buffs to the server that installed them. basically, you stole Relics from other servers and they had to chase you all over the map to the teleport. It was hecka fun…until they introduced the cash shop and mages got +11 staves lol

WoW made a similar system for world buffs. If I remember right, you had to conquer raids to activate the world buffs. AGS could implement a similar pve system too for hardest dungeons with the world buff lasting 24 hours after capture.

AGS devs definitely don’t have much balanced out properly.

Personally, I think they should make one of the lands dedicated RvR/you enter you get flagged (spots to hold that give small boosts, maybe some mobs to kill that drop potions, maybe a boss that spawns randomly, etc. etc.). Everywhere else is just PvE. You should concentrate PvPers in an area, so that PvP happens. AGS is still clinging to some across the world PvP battling… the world is way too large and even with less land it is proven by past MMOs that it just doesn’t work (fun for a little while but the numbers of active players dwindles fast).

For PvE, just go some staple dungeon/expedition and don’t severely lock out PvEers. Some cost, sure, high cost? No. And make crafting, which many like, MORE VIABLE. No idea why they waste a solid crafting foundation. Some players will craft/gather 80-90% of the time and are happy to do it. Why not make them a solid core of the player base?

And just setup some PvP and PvE specific rewards. In PvP players always like ranking up, can give some small rewards. Or maybe tokens from both that then can buy PvE or PvP stuff. Whatever. Just make sure neither unbalances the other.

But #1, haphazard weapon/armor balancing… it has to end. The swings are massive and really says ‘n00b’ developers. Use math, calculate proper balances/dps/mitigation, setup some in-house testing… anything. At first I thought they rushed stuff since it was causing so much lag, but nope! They are (so far) not very good at adjusting combat balance.

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simple, add pvp points obtained only when flagged, pvp areas that are in constant conflict (like a flag point or watchtower or whatever) and pvp gear.

Put a limit on daily allowable pvp points to be acquired to get rid of pvp points trade.

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Why is that? Why can only a select few companies really ever hope to own a significant territory? How about start with any territory. You don’t need to be a giant company. Find other smaller guilds. Make allies. Work together. Start with trying to put a territory in conflict. If that goes well then bid for the war. If you or allies win the war agree to take each other because you worked together to make it happen. Win or lose you had PVP and you got in a war. Do it again. get better. Win next time. Over throw the man!

If you own a territory if gives you even more reason for open PVP to try and keep it.

You can see the income generated. Anyone can. You can look up online what it costs for upkeep like upgrading a station and calculate how much the company spent. You can also view what the weekly taxes are to the company for the town. You might not get exact profit but you can ball park it. What difference does that make anyhow? Viewing someone else’s profit. You don’t really need to know. WW and EF make millions. Other towns it depends on how its run, how many people have houses, and how often people buy and sell from the TP there. Now that the TPs are linked its better for those outside of EF, WW.

Sounds like defeatism.

Rename PVP player - Army
Rename PVE player - Civilian

Civilian Player can join the Army any time they want at faction representative.
Army can become Civilian only by spending 1 hour in their home in game time. This 1 hour doubles each time they swap, but decays to half each day of real time that passes.

Army get bonuses on rare drop of 1% per active day of service (having not changed to civilian) capped at 30%. They also get expertise at double rate.
Civilians get bonuses on territory rep, crafting costs and harvesting yields of 1% per active day of non service capped at 30% (having not changed to army).

Something for everyone.

Easier said than done. Politics come into play. Finding, and maintaining friendly allies, and having 50 fully geared level 60s isn’t easy. Involves maintaining healthy relationships with companies outside of your targeted group of allies.

Saying it’s incentive for pvp isn’t really that accurate.

So as I said before, your average Joe or your average group of friends, won’t have the ability to obtain an area and be able to keep it.

So you would rather be defeated than to try. All it takes is one good leader. You don’t need 50 people in perfect gear. You need 50 people that know how to play. Yes it requires you make some allies. It requires some politics so nobody is butt hurt.

Like I said… make some connections and start with simply putting a territory into conflict. Doing that is not hard and its more than half the battle.

Instead you would rather just say there is no reason to PVP. Thats like me saying I got no reason to PVE. All I get is green salvage junk. Just get out there and have some fun. You are either going to find PVP or you are going to flip a territory pretty darn easy.

I used to go out with like 10 people. It was pretty humorous watching the other faction scramble and get like 100 people to take care of the 10 of us after we beat their first couple groups.

The Other way around Makes More Sense. Snowflakes get reduced repair Cost for PvP and More Ressources.

I want small scale rated pvp. 2v2, 3v3 arena. The rewards should be titles and cosmetics. Maybe some decent gear, but not straight up be able to buy BIS gear. Reagents used to craft powerfull gear could be an option.

I want professions and crafting to stay relevant. Crafting feels so good in this game and it feels rewarding. Keep it that way. If bis gear can be bought from faction vendors there will be no reason to do crafting and we would lose a part of this game that currently stands out.

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It does not - the army gets more resources for fighting, the civilians get more resources for production - that’s real world right there.

That’s easily circumvented by organizing the whole thing, kind of like people organize HWM runs on PvE side. Essentially, a “fight club”. The reason I am so certain about this is that SWTOR when it was just released had OW PvP dailies, which (at least on the server I played on) couldn’t be completed due to empire players outnumbering republic by a lot. The ratio was 5 to 1 or something like that. The whole thing got organized into a server-wide event in less than a week. Was kind of pathetic, to be honest, but highly organized.

Sorry, I should have been more clear. The idea is to get rid of those different qualities on gear, and limit perks to things that are useful for both activities.

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Its not the real world right here if you havnt noticed yet, its new world.

Best to put diminishing returns on consecutive kills of the same player.

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Completely separate settlements from all player influence.
Move all PvP into instanced content – Outpost Rush, making Wars and instanced activity anyone can cross-server queue for.
Make the rewards from those instanced PvP-activities PvP related only.

Whenever you try to mix PvE and PvP in ANY WAY, players will just choose whichever will give them the most rewards, and use whatever exploit possible to do so.
Look at Outpost Rush – people need coin, so they just AFK in Outpost Rush. And that coin they get affects the entire server.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

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As a mostly PvE player, if I felt like the consequences of the faction-vs-faction mechanics really effected me, I would participate in pvp much more often.

I think this same basic problem is why pvp for PvPers feels kind pointless.

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Even better

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Amazon really needs a forum structure that doesn’t allow the original poster to spam bump the thread. What the heck is this? 1998?

My suggestion would be to use the system they already have but with a small tweak.

Basically if you join a faction- your flagged for vP.
Keep the same rules i.e. if you leave your faction rank gets reset etc.

This way if people want access to faction gear, chisels they have to join the faction and are therefore flagged for PvP.

Remove luck etc as the “reward” is having access to the faction stuff.
Remove the PvE faction missions and make them all PvP to level up.

IMO its the obvious solution, I mean the factions literally exist to fight each other.

Only thing you would need to add is a truce mechanism so you can group for dungeons. Otherwise its fair game.

TLDR: make the PvP factions the reward for PvPing and auto flag on join.

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