How to fix queue in New World

I love and hate this game… but the issue with the servers is absurd!

I have an idea how it could be solved so everyone are happy.

Removing and adding servers is useless since people dont want to start with new accounts every other day. Even when you pick a low player count server with several friends and dont play for few weeks or months and then return to the game you will find out that friends have changed servers or started with new accounts in another server… then you are just mad and stuck in a queue again.

Anyways why dont we just have global accounts like in Runescape? Yes I know that there is territorial control and you just can’t transfer it. Also trading posts and market would be ruined.

So my idea is that you can log into any of the available servers with your friends. You will keep all your skills, clan, missions etc but every server has separate inventory, market, territorial control. So you can at least play with friends, skill, pvp, pve etc… you only cant transfer your items between servers. But that would be a minor issue compared to current logic which just limits your play time and need to create, transfer and delete accounts :frowning:

this on it own will kill anyone that want to transfer from one server to another.

The way the servers are named, as they are part of a “world set”, makes me think that this was an originally included mechanic, but for some reason was never implemented, or was too complex.
It’s nothing new to have a world-set with parallel servers for the same “world”.

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