How to fix the fast travel bug

Hey my friend has had a issue with his fast travel. One time after we did a mutated Laz dungeon he left the expedition and lost all his fast travel points. He now has to re run to every single fast travel point and settlement on the map and there seems to be 0 fix for it. Due to him losing his fast travel ability he has pretty much quit the game because he can’t stand not being able to go anywhere on the map. Is there a fix for this issue? His username on the game is Linkquin. Thanks!

He’ll need to log on forums go to mega thread bug reporting and fill out the template bc it’ll ask things like name/server/picture (if possible) and a couple other questions

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Thank you!
Does he have to put the server it happened in? We since have transferred servers and regions

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yes, the template asks for name/server it occurred on (I always add region to make it easier) and if it’s still happening now on the new server, use that server name/region and not the old one (so it’s less confusing to them)

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