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This category is a space for everyone to share our experiences and create shared memories within the New World Community - both in-game and on the forums.

Interested in promoting your own in-game event? Check out the information below!

Besides our Official Events, Polls, and Questionnaires, use this space to promote your community events within New World.

All we ask is for your to follow this template that we so graciously provided you.

I know, I'm so kind

For your title, please use the following format (for example): [Event] Event Name, Server, Date, then Time (include timezone)

Host Name:
Event Name:
Time and Date (include your timezone):
Event Description:
Social Media Links (if any):

*PS. If you include Social Media links like a tweet to your event, we may reshare it!*
*PPS. New World does not sponsor any tournaments or unofficial in-game events.*

How to Get the Best Screenshot in New World

Step 1: Alt-H hides your UI. Take advantage of this keybind when you’re trying to take picturesque shots
Step 2: The default key for New World in Steam is F12. This will save your screenshot directly to your screenshot folder.
Step 3: Upload your screenshot directly to the forums either by pressing the picture symbol or dragging and dropping into the text field
Step 4: Enjoy!

Have fun and see you in Aeternum!