How to get the kill on player that is down?

So the players I take down I know you have to land the killing blow on, issue is I can’t seem to do it consistently so other players snag the kill. I play spear and s & s so maybe it’s just hard to aim the spear? A little easier with Sword.

Any tricks to hitting it and getting that sweet ding sound?

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I sadly do have bad news for you. Only the game decides what kills you get and what not as you can clearly see on this video.

um, you missed man…

when the char is doing the dead animation, the hitbox of the char is already down on the ground

GA or IG your choice both work fine.

march update no more downed. insta kill

any weapon except VG works fine, just remember to hit skull where it meets the ground

now that I wana see where exactly I missed :smiley: Post the exact screenshot of the moment how it missed.

Yes and no. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt. I usually get to finish even standing people inside the animation but for reasons it usually only works when the trajectory is from behind or from the side never from the front.

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oh cool, to have new info about that, i dont use musket but i noticed that with firestaff when i aim at the ground 100% give me the kill, maybe its different weapon?

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I cant really say it comprehend it for why and how :smiley: But if I should assume its due to the projectile hitbox. The musket projectile is very small compared to firestaff / Icegauntlet.
Like I have to hit the modell where the server assumes it is at the right point. And I have seen already shots flying in the middle of enemies legs so as thats a thing with desyncs and lags it sometimes well doesnt show the right thing on your screen and where the body already is.

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