How to Give High Quality Feedback

Greetings Adventurers!

Thank you for playing New World! Aeternum is a vast, wild, and interesting place and we want to make the experience of being part of this world as enjoyable as possible. We want to hear your feedback about your experience in New World.

To better help our developers get the type of feedback they need as well as understand what that feedback actually is, we want to offer this guide on how to give quality feedback on your game experience. It boils down to the three C’s: Clear, Concise, Courteous.

Be Clear

Think of your feedback as points of data that are going to be used to inform decisions on changing the game experience. The more clear you can make your feedback the more accurately it can be understood by the development team. Things like idioms (like herding cats), hyperbole (I spent 1000 hours doing this thing!), and lingo (just sword and board it) are hard to interpret and can make feedback more difficult.


I spent 100 hours trying to figure out this one mission. I was too lost in the sauce to realize that it requires the stupid fly stick. Garbage mission. Fix your game.
:x: Hyperbolic
:x: Uses idioms
:x: Uses lingo
:x: Unclear what issue is
Conclusion: BAD FEEDBACK

At lvl 12 I was given the “Reach the peak” quest. After many attempts I could not seem to make it past the point in the quest that was a timed sprint to a location. It wasn’t until I had leveled the Healing Staff to gain the “Speed of Light” perk that I could complete the timed sprint aspect of this mission. It didn’t feel good having to refocus my character just to finish this quest.
:heavy_check_mark: Clearly states what the issue is
:heavy_check_mark: Clearly communicates their experience and frustration without excess hyperbole

Be Concise

Feedback that conveys the most clear information in the fewest amount of words is always better than feedback that conveys the same information in more words. If you have ever found yourself wondering if there was a summary at the end of something important you were reading than you know what we mean by Be Concise. Focus on the most important information when writing feedback and it will also be a lot more clear.


While working on crafting an upgrade for my musket I felt like the resource requirement was excessive compared to the reward.
:heavy_check_mark:One sentence tells us the feedback is for crafting mechanics, specifically the musket upgrades, and that the upgrade cost in resources may be prohibitive
:heavy_check_mark: Follows Be Clear guidelines

I have been using a musket since the very beginning of the game. All of my hours played have been done with the musket. I want to have the best I can possibly have so I spent SO MANY HOURS collecting ALL OF THE RESOURCES that I would need to upgrade. When I started crafting, I DIDN’T EVEN GET THE UPGRADE I WANTED!!! I wasted DAYS of my LIFE working on getting my stupid musket upgraded and it was FOR NOTHING! I might as well be shooting cotton balls!!!
:x: Same issue was conveyed in a whole paragraph
:x: First two sentences don’t contain any information
:x: Structure of sentences including going ALL CAPS hurts clarity
Conclusion: BAD FEEDBACK

Be Courteous

The Developers and other staff of New World are people, just like you. No one likes to be yelled at, called names, or bullied in general. Just because you are speaking to staff doesn’t mean that the Code of Conduct doesn’t apply. Remember to “be excellent to each other” including the creators of New World.

The development team is a joke. They have all of the resources of Amazon and they made something my poodle can do in her sleep. SERIOUSLY. WORST. DEV. TEAM. EVER!
:x: Don’t be this person. Even remotely.

In Summary:

When writing feedback, remember to follow the three C’s. Be Clear, Concise, and Courteous. This makes your feedback post easier to understand, quicker to read/process and, far more likely to be taken seriously. We all want this game to be awesome. Help us make it that way!

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