How To Gold Dupe, AGS


So this gold dupe doesn’t work, but they need to reply to you about a gold dupe that doesn’t work anymore?


Apollexis I think he just left 1 step as he mentioned it needs tweaking AND that you can do that for items

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I’m not throwing all cards to the wind bud… no one gets the free ride.

I mean you’re actively trying to dupe gold, and posting about it, sounds like you’ll get a free Ban tbqh. But you do you boo.

Yep… who said it was done on my account?, you don’t know me but i hate exploits and want New World to succeed.

So cut the attitude and if ya got nothing useful to say then go away…


there is another trading post dupe I wont post here, but basically they need to fix the lag on the trading post. It really hurting the economy on big servers.

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I hear the gold sound every time I log in.

if I keep logging in over and over will I end up with 500K?


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100% AGS if you fix the lag it should even out any exploit tied to it.

“If you tweak it a little it’ll work” No it doesn’t. “I’m going to force their hand” no you’re not. You’ve done nothing but add to speculation. If you want to actually force a hand, upload video evidence, or give proper instructions. The truth is, there is no known gold dupe, sure there’s probably a handful of dupers that don’t leak anything, but to the public there is nothing. You don’t know anything. You probably heard it from a friend that heard it from some random that heard it from his fathers cat or something, it’s all fake. There is so much misinformation it is literally going against what you’re trying to do, which is help Amazon fix their game.


All my posts have replications and are tested, you just want the rest of it to do it yourself. Ither figure it out for yourself or you can wait until i chat with them and it’s 100% fixed as it’s also not the only issue with the trade house lag.

I can see this is your first post around here, but our job is to help them replicate and fix issues.

haha thx for sharing now we can all enjoy this exploit and stay competetive. Might aswell just close the servers and restart the whole shit if you have fixed the bugs in about 2 or 3 years.

I read “not working 100%” and “require some tweaking” as right now you need to try more than one time sometimes, it is not guaranteed to always work on the first try.

No idea why people are denying it.

Thanks now i can start selling gold

“I just want the rest to do it myself” I was simply proving your point in-valid. You’re not helping Amazon by saying half of an exploit. I have 430k gold, I don’t need a dupe lol.

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This still hasn’t been addressed. We need a response from the devs addressing the gold and item dupes that have been happening lately.

You can sell gold regardless of duping or not, what are you talking about xD

I’m not sure Amazon believes a gold/item duplication issue exists or has existed. Please update your instructions to be working so that it can be confirmed and become more widespread so that we can get the issue fixed and get a rollback.

confirmed its still working for me, i have 2 computers, 2 different internets, this is ridiculous, sad game still needs a lot of fixes

“There is no known gold dupe.” This infers that the general public [a significant amount of players, enough to significantly impact the games economy] did NOT have access to a gold or item dupe at the time of this comment. Didn’t think it was that hard to get what I was saying from my message, but if I have to baby-terms it I can. How was what I said not constructive? I literally confirmed the method does not work, and also added that this post was not going to force their hand as proclaimed. Your random links to COVID-19 and ‘Flat Earth Theory’ are weird, and immature to be honest. I’m assuming it’s because I said “It’s all fake.” This was inferring that the current speculation at the time [regarding gold and item dupes] was primarily fake.

I have very strong connections to the largest communities that discover, and indulge in these things and I take interest in their findings. I do not spread, encourage nor partake in the actions, but I pay close attention. The last ‘public’ duplication was patched 36 hours before this post was made. Of course, this post is in the past. Thus new dupes have arisen, as expected.

Do I need to explain anything else or do you understand now mate?

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