How to handle Toxic Companies?

I am on a server where two companies are target berating another single company and a few select members. Also, they supposedly have done mass reporting of players trying to get them banned. Is Amazon looking into player behavior or is there anything we can do a by standers other that just do reports of this abusive behavior?

This is not targeted at me but I see my fellow gamers being harassed pretty constantly. While those that are being harassed are trying to answer questions and help the player base.

Random player: How much does a territory cost?
Company A: It cost 100k and we are trying to get there. We have 85k and need 15k more, please donate if you can.
Company B: Look at these greedy ******** they just want to take all your money and max taxes. They are ******** who deserve nothing don’t help those ******* especially ******* she is a ***** who (I’m not even going to pretend to write in here what that person was implying).

This person was reported by many people according to the reaction in chat, then suddenly members of the company GETTING harassed said they feel like they are being Targeted with Mass Reporting and feel like “Company B” is trying to get the other seemingly friendlier company mass reported and banned from the server.
NOTE: Company B got a territory and raised taxes themselves. While the friendly company did not raise their taxes at all. Then they started berating and harassing them in faction chat again.

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