How to improve OPR

So we all know the OPR current state is awfull. No word on the future of OPR, so i’d like to throw a couple ideas in the air.
Leave you ideas aswell, and hopefully someone will see them.

So how to improve OPR?

Lets start by the most straight forward way.

  • Change the scoring system to be more balanced, and therefore, promote diversity in playstyles. We all know that at the moment, ranged and AOE have a clear uperhand in this.

  • Promote point capture/control/fighting over damage.

Other ideas:

  • How to prevent spawn camping? Add one or two Captain Thorpe like mobs patrolling the outside of the spawn base (stronger than myrk ones).
    Functionality: If he is aggroed by mistake, he follows all the way to the first door of the closest fort, attacking all opposing team members in the way.
    Why? It prevents spawn campers, which is a horrible playstyle and turndown, and also gives the loosing team a fresh chance by helping recapturing the closest fort. A fair enough punishing mistake for crossing the line.

  • Add more structures to wide open areas to narrow snipers (not many more, otherwise it gets unbalanced to the other side).

  • Add more usefull tasks for PvE players to contribute in OPR.
    Add Elite respawns with azoth that will actually move from one fort to the other and help a zerg push.

  • Add another boss like Baron. Instead of locking opposing team gearscore, it could do one of the following:
    Instantly bombard all enemy fort doors, instantly destroying up to T2 doors and massively damaging T3 doors.
    Provide the team 10% empowerment/fortify, 20% CC reduction.

  • Of course a new map or two, and randomly roll between them to give a different flavour each time. Each map can event have different mechanics.

Post your ideas for OPR!! Cheers


u have 3 exits… everyone just uses the front door… lol


a lot of people want to fight. they dont want to avoid the fight and go stand in a circle by themselves

for a lot of us OPR is just an excuse to fight

nobody cares if they win or lose


I liked most of you’re ideas.

I did not like the idea of adding more PvE aspect to OPR. It’s mainly played by PvPers. Make it more playable by PvE players and we will eventually get a ton of complaints about how unfair it is for the enemy team to be able to kill them and steal all of their ingame mats. I can literally see the long forum posts now. Players are already allowed to “play house” super efficiently already, IE fix the doors until the enemy just gives up or gets wiped.

We learned we like the idea of opr but dont like the rosters or waiting times. We should have an ongoing open world opr where if you wanna right, you join the fight. If you wanna leave, you leave. We should make a push for a soft barrier where teams are still limited to a total amount but not limited to leaving at any time. This influx of players would be more accessible for new players to join the fight and get on the cannons and help the team without getting the boot from anyone. Sessions can just simply be rolled over into each other and tallied up by number of kills within a certain amount of time and 4 prizes can be alocated on the spot or an elite chest can be unlocked for players available for players that spend more than 40 minutes in the match, one for 30, one for 20 and one for 10 minutes. Each chest has an increasing gypsum, gold and item prizes.

Definitely a bump for this topic.

I suggested similar ideas - OPR game mode - it's time for an update!

Unfortunately haven’t seen any response from AGS on any OPR topic.
It looks like it’s not a priority, but we should keep trying

Fantastic suggestions. AGS will not use any of them as they hate PVP players.


just, more damned maps


this. More maps! its not hard to whip one up, seriously. The scoring has gotten better but really who cares. I dont know anyone that doesnt go into OPR because they dont see their name in top 5.

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More maps. That’s it, no need to keep iterating on one map. Just make new maps.

I would love to see a desert map with dunes used as line of sight between bases.

A dense forest death match map.

A cave ctf map running thru a huge waterfall in the middle.

A snowy fort defence map where attackers fight up the side of a mountain to the top fortress monastery.

The ideas are literally infinite, just do SOMEthing new please for the love of the gods.

Match-making, more maps, small battering ram.

I love to see a small CTF map like 10 vs 10 (max 15min) with a decent war finder like Wow.

I disagree with all PvE content.

PvE is strong enough at current state. I dont wanna do OPR with fighting Myrk bosses all the time.
Honestly only idiots get spawn camped when u got 3 doors to get out but stubborn to go on middle door all the time or afk in base.

I only agree with changing scoring system.

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Agree to disagree.

While for me and you, 3 doors are an option, for most people, they don’t really care.
Either they keep leaving throught the middle door, and keep the fight there, or they simply give up and stay inside the camp.
The ones that leave from side doors have to walk quite a lot more to go around and usually are not even enough to turn the match around. That makes OPR unbalances, and unfun with scores like 1000-200.

The Thorpe idea is just to leverage the possibility to the loosing team to conquer the closest fort, if the opposing team makes a mistake of aggroing him.
It would at least focus the fight in the fort.

At the moment, you barely have tools to turn the game around besides Baron. I strongly bellieve matches would be more fun and balances if there were provided many mechanics that could help a weaker team turn the game around if the other team is not carefull.

What’s the point to repeat to me the same garbage idea?

It’s already enough PvE in OPR the only PvP content, except Arena.
I dont wanna do OPR for killing different mobs for different buffs and to have mobs to defend me.

What makes OPR unbalanced and unfun is the greediness of ppl to be ‘nr. 1’ in DPS. U want a change? Be the change and play support/tank classes.
If big majority will stick to range DPS or glass cannon DPS builds, Amazon can give u 100 mobs to defend ur Spawn Fort cuz result will be the same 1.000 vs 10-200.



This is always thrown around by trashy spawn campers “jUsT usE tHe oTheR doOoOoors”

If they would camp u nearby Fort Spawn door where u have advantage for shooting through door while u are invincible OR waiting u outside between Fort Sun and Fort Luna/Star, it would be the same ending.
No capture for ur team cuz they would either be afk in base or go fight with the crowd for points.

Biggest game mode issue its scoring system.
All the rest issues are playerbase issues.

I nearly never see attitude in fighting. Many times even if losing Sun beginning push, some players already stay AFK in base or start crying in chat.
The most OPR loosing are when a team is never pushing out and staying either on door and pew pew or go in forest to fight while enemy have 2 or 3 Forts.
The most of the times even when pushing back enemies, all or nearly all push out without staying 5-15 sec to capture the point.

The best OPR filter would be lower to half or more the rewards for losing team. I know the PvE or guys who do OPR for gypsum would complain, but nothing would change for them - still 500 points to get ur gypsum and other rewards.
On the other hand for others who do OPR for fights/fun would motivate them to try hard, not to just farm points.

Bruv you can’t be serious.

Sure dude, wait ur entire life for somebody to tell u what to do, how to do, when to do, etc.