How to increase relatability and build rapport with the playerbase

Tomorrow, instead of calling it the March Patch, rename it to either:

The “Blunderbugs” patch


The “April Fools” Patch

and we can all laugh and have a good time together!

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Doesn’t matter what they call it lol, we both know the gold dupe will be discovered by 5pm ET tomorrow, and trading and TP will be disabled yet again, along with half the remaining 20k players banned for buying some duped health potions. I desperately want to be wrong on this, but Amazon’s track record doesn’t say much, every time they add content, they add bugs and gold dupes, and the TP goes down a few days later. It would be nice if they proved me 100% wrong on this post though, for their sake, I hope like hell they do.

Lol what the frisky pringle can is this

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