How to make chests and drop farming fun, and enjoyable

I wanted to purpose the concept of “thieving” from the game Elder Scrolls Online.

First with chests we have the concept of a mini-game which looks something like

Holding left click on each pin one by one until it is “set” in the proper area and let go on release.
Each time you try to pick a lock you need “tools” to make an attempt. This isa far better approach then placing “death traps” ie, 1000 mobs with instant respawn and stupid damage in a fort(s) in shatter etc.

Pick pocketing has a chance to grant an item based on skill (and in nw, luck can play a factor).
Each time you pick pocket you level skill up, at cap you can potentially get legendary (orange) items.

Each time you get an item from pickpocketing you can sell it to a type oef black market vendor. This vendor essentually turns it into gold. Each day you have a limit of how many items you can peddle to the black market vendor, so the quality matters if you are trying to optimize gold income.

The over all mechanics are simple. You apporach from the rear of the target, and yo are crotched while doing it. You hit pickpocket hotkey and boom you get an item (from white to legendary depending).

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That feels so nostalgic to me, from the days of Fallout New Vegas. I’d love to see lockpicking, sneaking and pickpocketing in New World. With so many chests and NPCs, that would be alot of fun.
I would also like to see diving for treasures/resources or just exploration. Swimming and diving underwater needs to be a thing. It would also make PvP interesting, to hide underwater.
Gliding from high enough spots would be a whole new experience.

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