How to make Restless Shores less of a terrible place

Let’s face it… Restless is the worst. You have to circle the entire damn place to get to the town board, faction board, Covenant rep…

For the love of god, city designers – put a bridge in going from the spirit shrine over to the other side.

What would be really fun is if something like this (and other improvements) could be town projects that cost / maintain for the owners. But… I think Restless needs a bridge sometime before 2023 when that advanced stuff may be ready :smiley:

Meh, idk. I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal, and really just a slight inconvenience. There are such bigger problems than an inconveniently shaped town, and once you are done with this area at the end game you can just avoid the town moving forward.

Trying to give a very simple solution to this. Who wants to own a town that people in general want to avoid because it’s shaped poorly? At least on City of Brass, Restless is a money drain. Negative cashflow for whatever poor sap wins the war (and defenders usually happily give it up).

the only bridge this town needs is from inn to townhall

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