How to Mounts. Detailed suggestion and ideology

Amongst the crowd of people screaming “AGS gIv MoUnT oR wE LeAvE REEEEEEE” i have decided to look up some suggestions and ideas people have regarding the implementation of mounts in New World, and some of them are really interesting, some less, and some are outright trollin’. But i digress. Let’s talk mounts.

We have to adress one crucial thing straight away, Aeternum is relatively small, so i kinda understand why AGS didn’t implement mounts with release. With that in mind, let’s figure out how to make mounts in NW, and we are not going to figure out some original 5head systems for mounts, no. We are going to do one of the oldest tricks in the history books. Stealing.

So, let’s start with a base mount, considering the setting of New World and the land of Aeternum, horse is the most sensible choice.

Now, let’s steal some ideas from the hands down best mount systems ever implemented in MMO’s, Guild Wars 2.

So, here’s a horse, how do you get a horse? Let’s start with having Level 60 to obtain “Horse Quest” (i know my naming conventions are very good, praise me peasants).
Contents of the quests will be completely in the hands of AGS, it can range from mindles butchery of innocent monsters in various places around the map or procuring materials by making trees and plants endangered species, or mix of both.
Example: Step 1) Build a stable (Requires X materials)
Step 2) Fill the Stable with Hay (Go to place X, kill X mobs and collect X hay)
Step 3) It has been heard that Varangians (the only human enemy type in the game) have transported some horses and foals on Aeternum, go to their War Camp in X to steal one of their foals. (Go to shore X, War Camp X, Kill X, Collect young foal)
Step 4) Flace your foal into a stable, feed it (carrots and water)
Step 5) Wait 24 hours.

There you go, now we have a horse we can ride.
That’s all? Come on. OF COURSE NOT YOU NUGGET.

Horse customization. So, the game has some few base races. The Lost, The Drowned, The Corrupted, The Angry Earth, The Ancients and The Blight. One of each of those can be a themed skin that cou can obtain in-game through grinding means. So you would get like, Corrupted Horse, Lost Horse, Blight Horse etc.
On top of that AGS can be greasing their palms with paid Horse skins, such as Royal Court Horse, Stormbound Horse, Voidtouched Horse etc. (practicaly themes based on outfits in the Store, or you can make all skins paid, why not, people will buy it)

Now for the mechanics itself and this is going to reek of GW2, but … what? Exactly.

  • Horse HP Stat: Something low, so two NPC hits dismount you. Whenever you get dismounted, you will be “knocked back”, lasting 1.5 seconds.
  • Horse Stamina bar: 100/100 (like a player) Stamina will be used to Galloping (thats essentially a Sprint) which would last about 10 seconds if used in one go. Recharge time would be always a double of it’s usage time, meaning Gallop time 10sec., Recharge time 20sec. Gallop cannot be used again until Stamina bar is fully recharged.
  • Horse will jump over ostacles just like player character does.
  • Horse always despawns when dismounted, you cannot mounts in Settlements, dungeons and other types of instances, you get it. Open world only.
    Our horse could also get one Utility skill. Let’s call it “Hoof Kick”, an engage of sorts. When used, your horse turns around and kicks your opponent with it’s back feet, stunning your target for 2 seconds, dismounting you in the process (horse dissapears, think any GW2 mount when you use it’s offensive ability)

NOW, let’s talk Horse masteries. Yes, perfecting your horse.
Now, because we are very limited on what the Horse can actually do, we gotta keep Horse mastery in mind.

  • Mastery 1) Improved Galloping, Galloping duration is now incerased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds. Likewise the rechage time has been incerased as well, from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Mastery 2) Improved Hoof Kick to Hoof Stomp. Your horse no longer turns around to kick a single target, but uses it’s front legs to stomp the ground, dealing 50% of your weapon damage in a small area and stunning all nearby enemies for 2 seconds. Dismounting you (same thing as before) AoE similar to Hammers Shockwave.
    Masteries can be completed by galloping for a certain amount of time, and stunning certain amount of enemies respectively.

And that’s about it. You don’t need 600+ mounts. You just need one you can improve upon. This whole paragraph can be infinitely improven upon.


Welcome to the forums! This is a well-thought-out idea @Bloomerchen. I’m going to add it to my Miro board. Cheers, and keep the ideas coming!


I’m ok with mounts as long as they match the the realism of the game. Adding kiddish cartoonish like mounts you see in so many games would be a huge turn off for me personally. I never played GW2 so don’t know what their mounts look like, but the mounts in wow or lost ark are a big no.

Plus I’m worried about server performance with adding mounts to a game that already struggles at times with performance.


Why would you want mounts when you tp all around.
I bet you’ll get you cute horse, use it for a couple of hours and then resume tp around the map as usual.
Don’t waste devs time on this TILL THE GAME IS FIXED


Many people would love it. It’s why it’s been mentioned so many times.

Mounts are a great idea and Dec already said theyd consider it in the future.

Besides if we waited for them to fix all bugs before adding anything, we would never get anything new at all.

I hope AGS reads this topic, very cool ideas!


Ne have fantazy things fantazy creatures like corupted angry earth, so fantazy or diferent look mount will be ossum

no mounts in NW
go play something else if you want to ride something in game
NW is unique on its own way
dont try to make the game same as all other crap…


I would love any type of mount, gw2 definitely does it the best good ideas


Ye give us mounts couse map is SOOO big… well i like the idea of mounts also would be nice to have one. but with the movementspeed +10 or +20 like street buff not more…

Well you see this unique thingy puching back player base ;D

If you want mounts, It has to be in a way that IS additional to gameplay. I bore Just by thinking of dismounting everytime Just to parkour, something that i really like

Nice idea. Looking forward in the future Horse mounts to be implemented. And ofc skins for the horses in the store. Would love to have some faction/company cape skin for the Horse.


You want to parkour on a mount? :thinking:
I don’t think dismounting should take more than half a second btw

because the world in this game is actually fucking awesome, and traversing it is way more fun that “tp all around” that only sweaty players do.


Then go around anytime, you can do it already

We can, but many of us enjoy riding our mounts around the world. It’s not a difficult concept to understand.

Oh no, I didn’t say it was a hard to understand concept.

But I’ll try to make it easier for you.
See how bad performance is when a number of people gather around in one area and fight and do stuff? Well, add mounts to it and imagine. Go on, it’s not hard.

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If you don’t believe AG’s can improve performance in the game then nothing else should be added ever again in the game.

Others do believe they can add more stuff while not making performance worse.

Since neither of us can know that for sure we can only give ideas and it’s up to them to see what is a possibility. But not up to us to tell other players what can be done and what cannot.

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As I said

Terrible idea, as I’ve said before too.
What do you mean by “fixed”? All bugs? Important gamebreaking bugs? People coming back?

All mmos have constant bugs. If you want to wait till all are fixed you’ll wait forever.

People fixing bugs and adding new content aren’t even the same teams btw.

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