How to quit New World [ban] [cheating] [feedback] [tips?]

This is another one of those I can’t believe I’m posting about this.


Most of my friends already stop playing and left New World. As for me I’m just doing the daily routine of chopping a few trees (or mining) for Emerald Gypsum, go kill a few named bosses for Obsidian Gypsum and doing Topaz Gypsum at the same time. Follow up with doing at least the 3 daily faction quest and grab the Gypsum from the shop. Then finally wait around to see if I can find a random group so I can run some Expedition with. Not that I needed anything but it would add to my list of collection of Named Items.

So out of the blue I got flag for cheating, and ban/suspended for three days. My first thought is that this must be a mistake. I haven’t done anything different in the past few days??? So I follow through with the pop-up link and submitted an appeal.

First response was that “I couldn’t find in your contact history for ban appeal. Please use the same amazon account when you submitted your first appeal.” Well that is odd, I had to sign in to even log the appeal and I don’t have two Amazon accounts. So I had my hopes up to think that this maybe a mistake after all.

So I attached my details again hoping to be identified (to not identified on the cheating list). Response was fairly quick this time. “We reviewed the information you provided on appeal and have confirmed that the original disciplinary action was merited in your case.” And just copied pasted the TOS. When? Where? How? What? I have absolutely no idea what I did to warrant this. Oh yeah and followed up with, “We can’t share any further information about our decision, and we won’t reply to further emails about this issue.” Oh so you can’t even tell me what it is, and there would be no discussion about it.

What a great way to alienate your players.

Gaming is an entertainment, it is not a necessity. And New World is not the only game in town (pun intended). I have a backlog of games that I should be playing and since I’ve been putting hours into New World just haven’t got around to. There are only so many hours in a day you can spend on gaming.

So even after 1250 hours I’m not going play the game anymore. Thanks the cold turkey treatment that actually helps. Now I have more hours to do/play something else.

Finally I leave you with some food for thought,
No Players, No Game, No Staff required.
You are the maker of your own futures.



Amazing this nonsense is still happening.
Or maybe most people just stopped complaining about it because AGS never acknowledged it since launch.

[Surprise!] I’ve requested all my personal data from Amazon to find out more about why I got a warning - General Discussion / General Discussion - New World Forums

AGS: I do believe you should give people more detail in your disciplinary actions. I understand your stance is that nobody on this forum has moderation powers and that a real person reviews each action, but it’s really hard not to feel like it’s a shallow process with some tired, overworked staff just mashing buttons behind the scenes instead of doing an in-depth review of cases based on the amount of complaints I’ve seen between the Forums/Reddit since launch.

I’m sure you deal with people who tell half, maybe even “quarter-truths” when they come on these forums, but I do think adding depth to the reports will make people feel it was a transparent, equitable process.

I just went through the same thing. Banned with umbrella cheating classification. They tell you to appeal but how can you appeal something without details? Just bad management. No surprise there.


this treat was moved here not deleted but still shoveled, i doubt the creator request for help he wanted to worn other players for ‘‘grate’’ support AGS have.

Anyway i was in same boat my temp ban just fade away, same ridiculous reply to my appeal

but i insist more and got

and since i keep insist i reach this

i was muted in forums and life chat support stated they cant help me in this case so i have not any chance to get real meaningful discussion, have found out that my case is something common and well known from AGS staff

they take this cases seriously me too i laugh so seriously when i read there last reply that almost fall down from my chair, i have ban on my Loast Arc acc, can i give proof i have not cheated really i should keep recording of all my 3250h of game play to feel safe since they dont provide any info or what and when i have done it.(DevonK sorry that i used your reply i sow from your msgs in quoted treat that you are honest fair and good will person and i understand how limited you are in your actions because of management )

I have no problem i got ban if i have done something illegal i should be punished and is fair to be this way(even i fully understand that if have done this without knowing is illegal is not a excuse), but this is not the way any company to treat there costumers in such poor disrespectful and unprofessional way especially if they know for so many failures of there EAC.

I dont want any support to look in my case i dont care, i have unbound items mats and gold in my acc with total value 1m + gold i dont care, i have maxed and fully geared 3 crafting professions i dont care, i have 5-6 sets of 625GS items i dont care, i have deleted the game after there second reply, i have something called dignity and self respect and i care for this much more then money and some pixels.

I have learned my lesson i have withstand all in this game toxicity poor WM/Expertise system empty servers, companies who leave towns in ruins and maxed taxes , weeks of blocked trade, but finally support or lack of it push me away and i will never ever involved in any activity’s related with AGS and will strongly recommend same to anyone i know.

Will AGS learn there lesson , i strongly doubt in this they have lost 97% of there player base for 6 months and they still act like this never happens.

So my ban is gone but the ban i put to AGS will stay, i hope to be only and last person who have such a issues in that case im just cry baby and is better im gone :), but reading forums and knowing that there is 1/10 of what is going on or even less make me sad.

i have said all i have to say farewell

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its unbelievable that this issue still exists…

I cant believe that players get bans without reason and ags dont know what’s going on…

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Hello Adventurers, I hope you are all having a great day.

First of all I want to thank you all so much for taking time to share your experience and feedback about the system and the information that is provided to the players, I’m going to move this post from game support to the feedback section of the forum. feedback is very important for the team as this help us to listen to our community and keep improving the game.

Thanks for the patience and be safe you all!! :sparkles:

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thank you for this… but can you ask you something? Have you read guys that a lot of people got permaban or got 3 bans in a row without reason? can we have an official answer about this?

i can live with the bugs cuz its a game and bugs will live forever. you cant un bug 100% a game.
i believe that the game has potential, i believe that the game has feature. i believe that you will do amazing job for the feature content. but guys i cant live with the fear that one day i will log in and i would get a permaban without reason. i cant live with the fear that my friends would get permaban without reason as well.

You must take this seriously. Look at the "Support” section. Look at reddit. They are full with posts for unfair permabans.

The autoban system doesnt work. Please dont tell us that humans check all these reports. No. They didnt.

Any permaban without telling the reason to customer, its ilegal. I dont know what happens in USA, but in EU customers have rights (GDPR). And this is ilegal.

We need an official answer about these.


is this the way AGS listen :slight_smile:

@kotsokale yes i had same delusion, before i face ban and AGS costumer support, only right we have is to move on look like almost all players use it already :frowning: , if you plan to stay be sure you record every min you play since you may need it to prove your innocents

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To be honest, the truth is that i am not waiting for an answer . They will not answer me :smile:

You need to have a life before you can lose any part of it

You might want to move this with it for added effect:

This is what’s left of US West Coast Servers. You could move ALL of the players in one server and still be only HALF full. It wouldn’t even trigger a Queue.

Hilarious stuff.

Just look at this … something happening with autoban system

Here the reason dir your ban.

No I am not AGS and I dont know but I think same reason I think I have had.

Some unfriendly, reported Chat message. I know I wasnt friendly but this have had a reason. OK, I know I will BE friendly in chat in n future but it ist a little Bit exaggerated to ban some one for it. There ist always a reason why somebody is doing IT. Sometimes Bad Joke to use hate speech sometimes “OK” even If mit wanted from Publisher

P. S.
Writing with mobile + Not native speaker

Here’s my feedback, get rid of the crappy mass report system.

IT DOES NOT WORK. It only leads to legit players getting banned from mass reports. You can NOT have this system in a game with a pvp following. Players are sore losers, and will look towards any way to gain an advantage. This is the nature of compeitive children with zero remorse towards others.

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its crazy that player with 3000+ hours in game got banned for cheating.

This system is tragic. I started investigate this issue yesterday. I will create a thread and i will expose it.

Just to know AGS doesn’t have Customer Support. They have some people from India, that dont have access to nothing about the game. They cant check if you are a legit player or not.
They don’t have access to the data. They are just there only for denying your request.

I think that only moderation team can do this, but they dont have full access to the game data. EAS has full access but the communication with AGS is bad. I am not sure 100% but my investigation shows this.

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