How to Revive OPR

OPR has officially died with the introduction of the Mutation Expeditions. The opportunity cost of OPR has never been favorable, but it’s even worse now. Best way to fix this, in my opinion, is for OPR caches to give guaranteed gear score expertise on at least 1 item (if not multiple), and a higher chance for expertise bumps on the other items dropped.

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They need to balance umbrals through gypsum farming with mutations so people may choose to farm umbrals that way. Earning umbrals through mutations is OP atm and people always go for the meta. It’s another nail in the coffin for solo players who don’t have an active group to play with.

I have max expertise on everything. I don’t care about expertise bumps anymore. Now what?

This fix would get more people into OPR - obviously there’s the few that still won’t be tempted but that’s OK. At least it won’t be completely dead.

Well, I have a suggestion thread for that, the solution is having a shared OPR queue for a whole region in my opinion.

After that, they should add token rewards per contribution you make in a match (of course it should reward PvP contribution instead of killing mobs) and you should be able to buy special ‘shiny’ skins and best-in-slot weapons through those tokens. There’s no point in grinding PvP at the moment since it’s not rewarding enough. They just redirect their playerbase to dungeons instead.

OPR ought to go cross-server.

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