How to save New World!

Hi there!

New World is a very nice game and i’m having lots of fun, but it faces some big problems.

On the one hand, the pvp and pve communities are divided. That’s why you should also devide the world, level- and endgamezones and, if possible, draw a line maybe in form of a wall with a lot of passages to go through. One side will stay as it is right now with pvp-flagging and the other one needs to be auto-flagged. Player going back to the “pve-side” of the map, should only be able to unflag from pvp at cities and there must not be any safe-zones on the “pvp-side” besides in a city of your faction!

Captured cities in auto-pvp zones would need some form of faction guards at the entrances, which make it very difficult for enemy players who have recently made pvp to get into the city, but not impossible to do so.

In addition, there must be by no means pvp-quests, without being pvp flagged!

It is also very strange, that you can enter a fort as an opposing faction with a click of a button. In my opinion, the gates should be destroyed with hits and slowly regenerate their health-bars and reappear when successfully taken. Also, there must be a closer respawn point for the defending faction at the fort, than for the attacking faction. There shouldn’t be campfire-respawns, at least not in the ongoing fight. Maybe let the attacker respawn at the closest city and defender respawn at a closer point, like the fast-travel ones.

By the way, if there will be mounts in the future, you need to be dismounted immediately in the event of a pvp hit and be stunned for 1-2 seconds.

Sorry, english isn’t my first language…

Tell me what you think =)

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